Cavities, Wisdom Teeth, Night Guards and Mouthwash

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Should I replace my silver fillings with composite fillings?

If your old amalgam filling is compromised and has cracks or your tooth is showing signs of decay or it’s turning black in certain areas,  then it’s time to replace that metal filling. Ignoring a cavity can lead to an abscess. This can then lead to a root canal. A white tooth filling (composite) is a great option for many reasons. You can also choose to get a porcelain crown, which is much stronger and lasts longer.

Lakefront Family Dentistry does not use silver fillings and hasn’t in many years. We use all the latest dental technology so our patients get the most durable, long-lasting and comfortable, beautiful smile around!

It’s thought that metal fillings cause Multiple Sclerosis, although there is no US documented research study proving this fact. However, in many European countries, metal fillings have been banned completely. So you can be proactive and get them removed if you are worried about the mercury content that metal fillings have.

Wisdom Teeth – to Pull or Not to Pull

Research has shown that up to age 24, it’s easiest to remove your wisdom teeth. As we get older, we don’t respond to surgery as well. Yet, some people have the room for their wisdom teeth and won’t ever need to get them removed. Having a dental evaluation at 17 or 18 years old will be a great determination on whether or not you will have problems later on in life since a panoramic x-ray can see the positioning of the teeth and where they will grow in later on.

As we get older, our wisdom teeth can get more infected because it’s so difficult to keep clean. The teeth become decayed and it goes into the nerve of the tooth. It’s too far back to do a root canal, so a tooth extraction is really the only viable option.

You can also get a gum infection and your wisdom tooth can cause decay or infection on the tooth in front of it. Due to the positioning of these teeth which could also impact the root of the adjacent tooth and difficulty keeping them clean, you may want to consider removing them earlier in life so you don’t have the costs and potential infection later on in life.

Bruxism and Night Guards

Some people grind their teeth at night. This could be due to stress or a childhood habit that never stopped. Regardless of the cause, getting a custom night guard is worth the cost of saving your teeth in the long run. As you grind, your teeth become worn away starting at the top. Some people grind their teeth so far down, it begins to impact the nerve in the tooth.

This doesn’t just happen to one tooth, it happens to many teeth. This means you’ll incur a higher cost to get crowns on several or more teeth at the same time, but you can still grind those new crowns down over time. Therefore, investing a small amount of money in a custom night guard can save you thousands of dollars and dental visits later on in life.

Keep in mind, store-bought night guards are not custom fit, so they actually increase the amount of grinding and wear on your teeth because they have so much extra room for your teeth to move. A custom night guard is comfortable and fits snug since it’s made for your own bite.

Is Mouthwash Really Necessary?

Brushing misses 75% of your mouth, so make sure and also use a great mouthwash like to kill all the bacteria. Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, recommends Colgate Peroxyl, but any antibacterial mouthwash will help keep bad bacteria at bay.

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Registered Dental Hygienists at Lakefront Family Dentistry
Registered Dental Hygienists at Lakefront Family Dentistry

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