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Professional Dental Cleaning is a Must for Your Long-Term Health and Life

Sports and energy drinks are very popular these days, but they are responsible for irreparable tooth damage caused to millions of people. Lakefront Family Dentistry specializes in preventive and advanced oral care. Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, advises families to visit us every 6 months for a regular checkup and professional teeth cleaning with one of our three Registered Dental Hygienists. Put your best smile forward after a professional exam and cleaning!

Your Plaque, Gum Disease, and Gingivitis Does Not Have to Be This Extreme
to Have Heart Disease Related to a Lack of Proper Oral Health Care

Actual Patient with Severe Plaque Build Up and Extremely Worn Detention from Bruxism

Periodontal Disease Treatment and Deep Teeth Cleaning Required for Hard Plaque Build Up

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In the United States, nearly half of all teenagers consume energy drinks on a daily basis. As much as 62% of American youth also drink at least 1 sports drink per day.

Often, people who regularly drink sports and energy drinks do so because they believe it helps improve their performance or gives them a great energy boost. Many even consider these types of drinks to be a healthy alternative.

However, in a recent study published in the General Dentistry journal, researchers reported finding these drinks to be loaded with acid that literally destroys tooth enamel. This type of destruction is commonly discovered during routine exams and cleanings. Stop the decay before it gets worse with a professional checkup!

Lakefront Family Dentistry is interested in partnering with families in Canyon Lake, California, and all over Riverside County to help promote a healthy mouths and gums. Regularly scheduled professional cleanings with one of our registered dental hygienists will help quickly identify any signs of damage or infection that may need to be referred to Dr. Hauser.

We also make sure and provide families with the education and knowledge they need to maintain healthy smiles and good dental cleaning habits at home.

Here’s What You Can Expect at Lakefront Family Dentistry
When You Come in for a Regular Teeth Cleaning

Do Energy Drinks Really Cause Tooth Damage?

Yes! Many are shocked to learn of the high acidic content in these drinks and how much damage they can cause to teeth. Energy and sports drinks cause significant, irreparable dental damage. Research conducted studies showed signs of damage in as little as 5 days. Imagine, if left untreated, the damage happening to your teeth and mouth this very minute.

Sports and Energy Drink Consumption

  • Most brands have high levels of acid and sugar content
  • 30-50% of teens consume energy drinks every day
  • 62% of teens drink one or more sports beverages daily

The published study in the General Dentistry journal describes experiments in which scientists simulated the drinking habits of those who consume these types of beverages at least 4 times per day.

They submerged human enamel in 13 different drinks for 15 minutes, then in saliva for 2 hours. In effect, this mimics what happens during the actual human beverage consumption.

This experiment was repeated four times per day for five days. Surprisingly, scientists noted visible enamel damage at the conclusion of the test. They also noted energy drinks cause two times more damage than sports drinks, although both showed signs of damage after just 5 days of consumption.

Regular Dental Cleaning Helps Prevent Oral Damage

For 20 years, Dr. Hauser has dedicated his career to helping families achieve and maintain beautiful, pearly white smiles. Often, people aren’t aware of their lifestyle habits contribute to their oral problems.

During a preventive exam appointment at Lakefront Family Dentistry, we work closely with our patients to help understand their dieting habits. Our registered dental hygienist helps uncover any early signs of damage and help build a plan to prevent further damage. Many problems we see can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes, regular flossing and brushing, and bi-annual teeth cleaning visits.

What Professional Cleanings Do:

  • Helps prevent serious mouth infections
  • Reduces risk of early tooth loss
  • Promotes healthy gums and prevents cavities
  • Encourages early gum disease detection
  • Reduces bone loss in the mouth
  • Aids in a more healthy heart by reducing the risk of infection

If You Have Periodontal Disease, We Perform a Deep Cleaning
to Help Restore Your Oral Health and Improve Your Self Esteem

Lakefront Family Dentistry Provides Quality Care You Can Count On

Helping families maintain healthy, disease free mouths is a top priority in our office. We provide high quality services resulting in whiter, brighter teeth that look good, feel better and last a long time. We serve Canyon Lake, CA, and all other communities in the Inland Empire.

Our office facility was planned and designed to accommodate patients of any age. We realize that many people, especially young children, have concerns about visiting the dentist.

One of our goals is to provide a warm and welcoming environment that helps ease any fears or concerns. Your family can count on Dr. Hauser and our expert trained staff to service all your needs.

Lakefront Family Dentistry is fully equipped to provide standard preventive care, as well as advanced treatment procedures for serious infections (such as cavities, a dental implant, root canal or even braces).

Dr. Hauser is one of the most qualified cosmetic dentists in the Inland Empire. Our office features state-of-the-art, advanced technology that only 7.5% of practitioners nationwide are qualified to use.

Because of this technology, we are able to offer our patients the convenience of same-day solutions for many of our popular services, such as porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges.

Same-Day Solutions Provided by CEREC technology at Lakefront Family Dentistry

We promise to provide quality care and ultimate comfort for all patients and families who trust their oral care with us. Please call us at (951) 244-9495 and schedule a thorough exam and teeth cleaning appointment with Dr. Hauser, or make an appointment online with us today.

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