Nilla – Our Therapy Dog

dr mark phillipe and nilla
Meet Nilla

Nilla is one of our trained therapy dogs who spends time at the office with our patients that want some extra comfort and love during their dental visits.

Nilla is a smart, energetic, and playful mini goldendoodle. Her birthday is July 10, 2016. She absolutely loves spending time with our patients. When you see her at the office, you will see how she makes our practice feel just like home! She enjoys strolling around the office to spend time with our team, saying hello to patients, and playing with kids of all ages! She usually follows her dad, Dr. Mark Phillipe, wherever he is in the office, and she is not shy about sitting with our patients who enjoy her company during their visits.

Nilla is professionally trained and cared for. She visits a local veterinarian regularly and has a very strict grooming schedule to ensure she stays healthy and is always clean and tidy for the office.

Her therapy and service training is ongoing, as we always strive to provide the most comfortable visits possible for our patients. Once you meet Nilla, you and your family will look forward to seeing her at the office!

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dr mark phillipe therapy dog nilla