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Cerec One-Visit Dentistry

Ever Wonder How Celebrities Get those Amazing, White Pearly Teeth? It’s Not Teeth Whitening–it’s CEREC Dentistry. Lakefront Family Dentistry Offer CEREC Services with a Qualified CEREC Dentist

Watch This Informative CEREC Video to See How You Can Transform Your Smile in One Visit!

One day you see someone and you notice something very different–their smile. Last week they had dingy, yellowing stains like everyone else, even crooked teeth. So how did they get a completely new smile a week later? Easy, it’s call CEREC dentistry, and it takes days to get a completely new smile that can light up a room in seconds!

Yes! There are 200,000 dentists in the United States, and only 15 percent own the advanced CEREC system. Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, and Dr. Mark G. Phillipe, DDS, are highly qualified CEREC Dentists with over 36 years of combined experience transforming smiles using this amazing system.  Patients get new, permanent crowns, veneers and bridges during the same visit! You can now save precious time with your friends and family, because you don’t have to wait weeks to get a smile you will absolutely love.

At Lakefront Family Dentistry, our goal is to provide the highest quality and most efficient care to each of our patients. We are a family oriented practice, focused on maintaining dental health for everyone at home.

 This Patient Had 20 New Teeth Replaced Using Our Advanced CEREC System in Only One Visit!

20 CEREC Crowns Were Placed in One Visit
20 CEREC Crowns Were Placed in Only One Visit

Replaced 10 Lower and 10 Upper Teeth with CEREC Crowns in Only One Visit

When you visit our office, you will be met with a friendly, experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to serving the needs of your family. Dr. Hauser performs a thorough examination on all of his patients and works together with them to determine the best route of care for their individual needs.

Many patients come to Dr. Hauser and Dr. Phillipe for their CEREC crowns and enjoy the convenience of less invasive procedures and same-day services, not traditionally offered at most dentists.

We look forward to having an opportunity to serve the needs of your family. Contact Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 to schedule a consultation with our CEREC doctors today and walk out with a beautiful smile tomorrow! You can also make an appointment online and we’ll call you back right away during business hours.

This Patient Wanted a Beautiful, White Smile for our doctors to Repair the Worn Down Teeth From Bruxism (Grinding) on the Bottom and Replace Very Old Veneers. She Was Also Allergic to Teeth Whitening Solutions, So We Placed CEREC Crowns on Every Tooth…for a Beautiful Smile Transformation!

What Is CEREC?

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a unique software system that allows qualified dental practitioners to create high quality ceramic restorative dental crowns using 3-Dimensional Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) software, along with a Computer-Assisted Milling (CAM) device. Dentists using the CEREC system are able to create custom fitted dental crowns right from their office within a matter of minutes!

Before the CEREC system was introduced, patients in need of dental crowns were required to make multiple visits to the dentist. These dental products were manufactured at offsite locations using a plaster molded impression of the patient’s mouth, and often required multiple fittings before the crown could be permanently bonded.

Using the CEREC system, dental impressions are created in-house using a high-resolution 3-D imaging camera and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. Dentists uses a Computer-Aided Milling (CAM) device to create an incredibly precise-fitting dental crown made from a block of high quality ceramic that is matched to the color of your natural teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Using CEREC?

The CEREC CAD/CAM system creates dental restorations that are preferred by patients because:

  • The 3-D imaging used by the CEREC system eliminates the need for sticky, messy tooth impression molds traditionally needed to manufacture dental crowns.
  • Patients spend less time in the chair. Only one office visit is required to complete the dental restoration procedure.
  • CEREC crowns are created using high quality ceramic that does not contain mercury or toxic metals.
  • The CEREC CAD/CAM technology is precise and accurate. Ceramic crowns created using this technology are custom-designed for a perfect, natural tooth-colored fit for each patient.
  • CEREC crowns are permanently bonded (never temporary), and may last for more than 10 years.
  • The ceramic material that is used to create crowns expands and contract just as your natural teeth does. This eliminates the risk of cracking that is common with materials used in older crown technology.
  • An instant CEREC crown reduces the risk of discomfort and bacteria leakage into the site, which is common in temporary dental cap use.
  • More of your natural tooth enamel is preserved because the CEREC crown is chemically bonded to the tooth.

Actual Patient Photo and Smile Transformation on Uppers Using CEREC by Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS

This client came to Lakefront Family Dentistry with their teeth exactly as you see in their “Before Picture” below. They were very unhappy with the way their teeth were turning out with another dentist. Fortunately, they were referred to Dr. Hauser, who then transformed their smile and gum line so it was healthy and aesthetically pleasing, which you can see in their “After Picture.” The patient was very happy with their smile transformation and new dentist!

3 CEREC Crowns and 3 Unit Bridge
3 CEREC Crowns and 3 Unit Bridge

What is the Difference Between Traditional Porcelain Crowns and CEREC Crowns?

The normal procedure to install a traditional porcelain crown involves the dentist taking a mold of your mouth to create an impression that will be used to make a permanent crown. After the impression is taken, the dentist prepares the tooth for the crown replacement. The patient is sent home with a temporary cap while an offsite laboratory manufactures a new crown out of porcelain. A couple weeks later, the patient returns to be fitted with the permanent porcelain crown.

By using the revolutionary CEREC system, our CEREC dentist, Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, and Dr. Mark Phillipe, DDS, and their team has eliminated the need for foul-tasting uncomfortable plaster mold impressions, and multiple visits.

Using a high resolution camera and a medical grade computer, our staff takes 3-D images of the teeth and creates a dental impression. Based on the specifications created by the 3-D imaging software, a computer-assisted milling device is used to create a permanent, natural looking ceramic crown. The ceramic crown is created while the patient waits and is permanently installed on the same visit, eliminating much of the discomfort and risk of infection that is associated with the use of temporary caps.

I regularly refer people to your office and sing your praises! Seriously, the girls that greet us are the best, the staff is always professional and 99% of the time is on time with little to no wait. Who could ask for more? Thank you Dr. Hauser and girls! You’re the best!!! – Karen C.

Do CEREC Crowns Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth?

Yes, CEREC crowns are created to look and feel like your natural teeth. Using our computer-assisted design and milling technology, we are able to shape and color ceramic crowns to perfectly match the look and feel of your existing teeth. You can eat, brush and floss with your CEREC crowns just as you do your natural teeth.

Are CEREC Restorative Dental Products Right For Me?

In order to determine whether CEREC crowns are a good option for you, our experienced dentists will first need to do a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth before discussing your best options.
We often recommend CEREC crowns for patients looking to:

  • Restore and protect teeth that are broken, cracked or otherwise damaged
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Protect and cover a tooth after a root canal
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Improve their smile by restoring discolored and misshapen teeth

At Lakefront Family Dentistry, we aim to create a lasting impression and enjoyable experience for all of our clients who trust their oral health care to us. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phillipe or Dr. Hauser today. We look forward to being able to serve the needs of your family.

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