How to Fix a Chipped Tooth in Riverside County

There are few issues more nerve racking and embarrassing than a chipped front tooth. Whether you were chewing on a hard candy, or even something as soft as a slice of a pizza, it’s usually unexpected and painful. Other times, a broken tooth is the result of a dangerous accident.

No matter the reason, no one wants to deal with having a chipped front tooth. Fortunately, such a condition is nowhere near permanent. An experienced dentist can help with a number of restorative treatments.

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Corrected Chipped Front Teeth with CEREC Veneers
Corrected Chipped Front Teeth with CEREC Veneers

If the break is severe and left untreated, an infection may result, leading to an abscessed tooth that can kill the nerve. Infections can also spread quite easily to the rest of the mouth and even the jaw. This is why it’s so important to get information on how to fix a chipped tooth quickly.

Taking Care of a Chipped Tooth

Though some may be interested in how to fix a chipped tooth without the professional help—especially if they still have the piece that broke off—the best option is to schedule a treatment from an established dentist. After the chip and before the appointment, there are a few steps to take to keep the chipped tooth safe.

Should the tooth have a sharp edge, in order to prevent it from cutting your lip or tongue, you can use some sugar-free gum to cover the tooth temporarily. You can also use a piece of paraffin wax—though the taste isn’t very appetizing.

If the cracked tooth is causing pain, consider taking ibuprofen, acetaminophen or any other over-the-counter pain reliever. It also helps to rinse with saltwater. Also, avoid biting directly with the broken tooth and only eat soft, non-spicy foods.

Don’t waste time to get in touch with a dentist and discuss the restorative options. If the break is really bad, you’ll want to get it looked at right away to prevent nerve damage.

Options for Fixing a Chipped Tooth

There are a few different ways in which Dr. Hauser might approach fixing a chipped tooth. You should provide him with any information you have about how it broke, and also, show him the piece that chipped off if you have it. Depending on the way the tooth broke and how bad the break is, your dentist might choose from the following methods:

–        Filling

–        Bonding

–        Crown

–        Dental Veneer

–        Root Canal

Filling or Bonding

Fillings can address smaller breaks. If the chipped tooth is clearly noticeable in your smile, then bonding, a process using a tooth-colored resin, may be the best option. This material will replace the chipped area.

Tooth Crown

Larger chips will often require a CEREC crown. After preparing the tooth for treatment, the dentist will place a tooth-shaped temporary to cover it up while your tooth is being made—as you wait. This is a healthy option for the tooth and completely fixes the appearance of the chipped surface.

Dr. Hauser is one of the country’s few CEREC dentists. With this technology, he can shape and attach a crown in only one visit!

Dental Veneer

Veneers are common treatments for chipped front teeth. A resin-material cover will apply over the surface of the damaged tooth to hide the appearance of the crack. Like crowns, Dr. Hauser can develop and place dental veneers in one visit that matches your surrounding tooth color exactly.

Root Canal

In cases when the actual pulp of tooth has been damaged, a root canal may be necessary. Since the nerve will be exposed, and therefore prone to infection, a root canal may be required to prevent an abscessed tooth or the spread of infection to other parts of the body.

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