Great Tips for Our Sun City Teeth Cleaning Residents to Achieve a Healthier Mouth

How Good Oral Cleaning Habits Pays Off for Senior Citizens

Routine Exams and Dental Cleaning Help Maintain Excellent Health

As we age, it becomes even more important to ensure an effective oral care regimen is followed that helps prevent serious tooth and gum damage. One of the best ways to maintain a healthy mouth is by making regular trips to the dentist for preventive care and teeth cleaning. Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, is a leading provider, proudly serving families at Lakefront Family Dentistry.

Your Plaque, Gum Disease, and Gingivitis Does Not Have to Be This Extreme
to Have Heart Disease Related to a Lack of Proper Oral Health Care

Actual Patient with Severe Plaque Build Up and Extremely Worn Detention from Bruxism

Periodontal Disease Treatment and Deep Teeth Cleaning Required for Hard Plaque Build Up

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Dr. Hauser has dedicated the last 20 years to restoring and maintaining beautiful smiles for many individuals and families. Many members of our staff at Lakefront Family Dentistry have spent years working directly with Dr. Hauser to provide premium care. We are all passionate about improving the lives of patients in Sun City, California, and all surrounding cities of the Inland Empire.

We focus on total patient care, placing emphasis on your comfort and convenience. Dr. Hauser offers compassionate and quality care to all ages. Lakefront Family Dentistry has built its reputation by providing the highest quality care using the most advanced technology available with modern science.

Good Oral Health Maintenance for Senior Citizens

Excellent dental cleaning habits at home and regular trips to the dentist can help your teeth last for many years to come. Half of all Americans suffer some form of periodontal disease or gum disease. Without early treatment, this can cause serious bone loss of your upper and lower jaw, as well as tooth damage or loss.

Early detection is very important, since the early stages of periodontal disease are completely reversible with proper care and treatment. Seniors are often more susceptible to problems with their gums and teeth for various reasons, including pre-existing medical conditions and certain prescription medications.

Everyone, from the youngest to the most seasoned, should follow these three basic guidelines recommended by our registered dental hygienists and the leading dentists around the country. Dr. Hauser caters to his patients and makes sure they are happy and discusses a plan to bring back your oral health so you can live, pain-free, many more years to come.

Here’s What You Can Expect at Lakefront Family Dentistry
When You Come in for a Regular Teeth Cleaning

How to Maintain a Healthy Mouth and Smile

  • Brush 2 times daily with toothpaste containing fluoride (prescription strength fluoride is available)
  • Floss every day, preferably after every meal
  • Visit your dentist for regular checkups and professional cleanings

Common Challenges Faced by Seniors

Even with good dental maintenance habits, seniors face certain challenges and health risks that may affect their oral cavity state. Fortunately, many of these conditions are successfully and routinely treated by doctors and dentists.

During a routine visit, you will also meet with our registered dental hygienist, who will ask general questions about your overall health and any pre-existing conditions that will help us better assess any oral damage and recommend proper treatment. Often, conditions affecting other parts of the body may affect dental health.

Common Dental Problems Faced by Many Seniors Include:

Increased tooth sensitivity

As we get older, the gums naturally begin to recede. This may cause parts of the tooth not protected by enamel to become exposed. Without the thick, durable layer of enamel protection, one may experience an increased sensitivity to hot and/or cold. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth may help relieve symptoms. However, if sensitivity persists, please visit a dentist, as there may be an underlying cause, such as cavities or gum disease.

Dry mouth

Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is a condition affecting nearly 20% of elderly citizens. The cause of this condition is not related to age, but mainly caused by side effects from medication and radiation exposure from cancer treatments. Without proper treatment, xerostomia can lead to cavities and other serious problems affecting the mouth.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Conditions such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes can have an adverse effect on the oral cavity. Many of the medications associated with treatment for these problems are often directly responsible for issues in the mouth.

If You Have Periodontal Disease, We Perform a Deep Cleaning
to Help Restore Your Oral Health and Improve Your Self Esteem

World Class Treatment Offered at Lakefront Family Dentistry

Individuals and families come from Sun City, CA, and other cities in Riverside County for treatment with us because they’ve come to know and love the treatment and premium care we offer. Dr. Hauser’s focus on patient convenience and comfort not only helps ease any feelings of anxiety, but also offers services that are painless and convenient.

We proudly invite families to visit our beautiful, centrally located office, which offers a warm, relaxing and welcoming environment for all who enter our doors. Your comfort is so important to us that Dr. Hauser took the time to personally hand select the furniture and décor used in our waiting and exam rooms.

Many of the services we provide can be completed in just one visit to our office. We utilize the latest, most advanced technology for making sure patients put their best smiles forward after receiving treatment with us.

Services Offered at Lakefront Family Dentistry

  • CEREC crowns, veneers and bridges
  • White fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Routine exam and dental cleaning
  • Invisalign
  • Periodontal therapy
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Implants

Dr. Hauser Uses The Latest CEREC Technology, So You Can Get a Crown or Veneer in One Visit.

Lakefront Family Dentistry looks forward to hearing from you and learning how we can meet your needs. Please call us at (951) 244-9495 and schedule a thorough exam and teeth cleaning appointment with Dr. Hauser, or make an appointment online with us today. We look forward to your being a part of our family!

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