The No. 1 Reason Kids Miss School

Family Dentistry in Lake Elsinore The Underestimated Importance of Oral Health in Children As hectic as life can get when it comes to taking children to school, sports practices, day care, or whatever it may be, there is one crucial aspect of a child’s development that parents have been found to underestimate its importance. One of the most important aspects is the overall oral health and hygiene of children. It is a topic some parents might hold misconceptions about when it comes to getting a dental checkup while they are very young, which often helps avoid future cavities, alignment and … Read more

Botox® Therapy for TMJ Pain and Teeth Grinding

Your Local Dentist Can Help With TMJ Treatment Most people know Botox® can reduce wrinkles. However, Botox® has applications beyond cosmetic enhancements. For example, it can reduce excessive sweating. Another application is relieving the pain associated with bruxism (the medical term for grinding teeth) and disorders related to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMD, also known as Temporomandibular Disorder, is the technical term for TMJ Syndrome. The TMJ is a sliding joint connecting the jawbone and skull. Everyone has two TMJ joints in front of the ears on each side of the head. The joints allow the jaw to move up, … Read more

CEREC Veneers Will Transform Your Life

How Cosmetic Dentists Change Lives One Smile at a Time Have you ever felt that your smile is holding you back? If so, studies on the impact of an attractive smile reveal that this hunch is correct. A beautiful smile plays a vital role in everything from first impressions to success in love and work. One of the ways to improve and transform a smile in one to two days with a great cosmetic dentist is with CEREC veneers. Consider these findings: Almost 1/3 of Americans say a person’s teeth is one of the first things they notice when meeting … Read more

Meet Dr. Matthew Kanter, DDS: Lake Elsinore Dentist

Midwestern Values Provide a Solid Foundation for this Family Dentist Dr. Matthew Kanter joined Lakefront Family Dentistry back in June and immediately became a value-added partner to the practice. Working alongside Dr. Derek Hauser, a long-standing and well-respected member of the Lake Elsinore community, Dr. Kanter brings a wealth of experience—both in the dental profession and beyond. A 2012 honors’ graduate of Indiana University’s School of Dentistry, Dr. Matthew Kanter provided more than 6 years of dental services to the armed forces. Post dental school, he solidified his education with more than 500 hours of continuing education courses through a … Read more

Sleep Apnea Detection and Treatment

Hi my name is Lisa Harrison. I work for Lakefront Family Dentistry, and I’m here today to talk about sleep apnea, or obstructive sleep apnea, commonly referred to as OSA. So, What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Basically, what it is, it’s the pause while you’re sleeping. It’s a pause in your breathing while you’re sleeping, and some patients actually stop breathing up to 30 times in an hour, which is on the severe side. But if it goes undetected, basically, it can cause lots of other issues in your life. So getting enough sleep is very important. One of the … Read more

Professional Teeth Cleaning – Best Dental Hygienists in Lake Elsinore

Hi, my name Melissa and I’m one of the registered dental hygienists here at Lakefront Family Dentistry with Dr. Hauser and Dr. Kanter, and today, we’re going to be answering some frequently asked questions about your dental cleaning. How often should I get my teeth cleaned at a dentist office? So it is recommended that you get your teeth cleaned about every 6 months; however, there are some patients that do build up a little bit more tartar quickly or tend to have a little bit more progressive periodontal disease going on, and we do see them as frequently as … Read more

Should I Replace Silver Tooth Fillings?

Hello, everyone, I’m Dr. Kanter, the newest addition here at Lake Front Family Dentistry, working with Dr. Hauser and his team. We’re here today to talk to you about tooth-colored fillings. What type of patient would want to get a tooth filling? Tooth fillings are perfect for all kind of patients, whether you want to repair a tooth, replace a tooth–it all depends on patients’ needs, but they’re perfect for everyone. What material is used in a white filling? For tooth-colored fillings, we use a resin composite material that has varying shades and strengths to best match a patient’s smile. … Read more

Professional Teeth Whitening

Hey, guys, it’s Kelsey from Lakefront Family Dentistry. We are going to be talking about teeth whitening today. So let’s take it away. Lakefront Family Dentistry offers three types of whitening. First one is Sinsational. It’s about 30 minutes long, you get a nice little boost and it’s great; quick and easy! And then the second one is going to be your at-home trays. You take them home with you, you put them in for about an hour to three hours, great to have at home, we take impressions here at the office and you’re in and out, depending on … Read more

Your Dentist Can Now Detect Sleep Apnea

Orthophos SL 2D and 3D Dental Imaging Views the Airway Advancements in dental equipment manufactured by Sirona not only help find cavities and gum disease, the new Orthophos SL has 2D and 3D imaging that also shows the airway of a patient.  The benefit of this new equipment means a great dentist can now see if a patient has a restricted airway. If their airway is restricted, then Dr. Hauser and Dr. Kanter, at Lakefront Family Dentistry offer patients a referral to a local sleep apnea doctor to determine the best course of treatment. This could potentially be a life-saving … Read more

How Your Smile Affects Your Career

Cosmetic Dentistry May Be Key in Landing That Dream Job A person’s smile is one of the first things people notice, so it also plays a central role in how the person is perceived by potential employers, supervisors and peers. Most people aren’t surprised to learn that studies show first impressions matter during job interviews, but it may be harder to accept that an employee’s appearance can keep them from reaching their career goals. Having the knowledge, skills and experience is rarely enough in today’s tough job market. Undergoing the right cosmetic dentistry procedure can actually be more beneficial in … Read more