Rotten Front Teeth for Babies is Real

Do You Want a Metal Grill on Your Baby to Resolve Tooth Decay from their Bottle?

Giving your baby a bottle is part of raising your child. But millions don’t know that babies who have new teeth or are starting to form teeth get rotten teeth from the very same bottle kept to comfort them. One of the major causes is giving your baby a bottle during the night.

Your baby’s teeth will rot from the inside, out because there is prolonged contact with fluid in the bottle…usually milk or formula. Additionally, some parents also add juice or soda. As the children fall asleep with the bottle in their mouth, the bottle and contents continuously touches their teeth.

The teeth will literally begin to rot from the inside in the front, which means they will need stainless steel crowns put on their front teeth. Most people think baby teeth don’t matter because the permanent ones will grow in and the baby teeth will fall out.

This is not the case, since the baby’s new teeth are needed to guide the permanent teeth in for proper placement. Without those baby teeth, your child’s permanent teeth could come in crooked, which means you will have to pay for braces down the road if their teeth didn’t rot in the front from using the baby bottle too often and during the night.

Does I Need to Brush and Floss My Baby’s Teeth?

Yes. A baby’s teeth should be brushed two times a day, just like any adult. Formula, sugary substances, baby food and other food particles still cause decay on their newly formed teeth, so brushing them with a soft bristle for babies is essential.

You should also floss your baby’s teeth. It might not be easy, but as you develop a routine, it becomes second nature. Make sure and bring your child in to meet with Dr. Hauser before their first birthday, to make sure his or her teeth are coming in without any problems and there is no decay that could cause your child an unnecessary infection.

They also need their baby teeth for chewing, so they can enjoy any meals you give them or snacks. Without these teeth, their oral habits become compromised as well as their comfort when eating. Most parents don’t think their baby could get infections and require steel crowns at such an early age, yet it happens every day because of the overuse and lack of oral hygiene care for a baby.

Oral Hygiene Gum Wipes – Tooth Tissues and Dental Wipes for Baby and Toddler Teeth and Gums

oral hygiene gum wipes tooth tissues dental wipes for baby

There is no need for this to happen, so the solution is simple. Do not give your baby a bottle during the night. Set aside times he or she will have the bottle, then brush or wipe their teeth and gums with baby teeth wipes. You can find oral hygiene gum wipes, also known as tooth tissues, at your local drugstore or online.


Benefits of Oral Hygiene Gum Wipes

  • Early oral health habits begin, ensuring a routine and lifetime of great oral care
  • Developed by dentists for their own children
  • Parents on the go can easily bring the pack of gum wipes with them wherever they go
  • Decreases the likelihood of early baby bottle rotten front teeth
  • Saves money on dental care by avoiding metal crowns
  • Children and parents won’t be embarrassed by having to wear metal crowns
  • Retaining healthy baby teeth means permanent teeth have that “template” guideline to grow into the correct spot

Habits Begin at Birth

Research shows babies know their mother and father’s voice while still in the womb. They develop a sense of security and comfort before they are even born. So it’s easy to see that after they are born, comfort and habits continue for their entire life. If you are eager to give your child a healthy start, make sure and check their baby teeth and minimize the chances of baby bottle tooth decay.

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