Why CEREC Veneers and Crowns are So Popular

Many of us look in the mirror only to be confronted with dull and yellowish teeth. We all want that celebrity smile. However, before we grumble and curse them for good genes, we should remember that the only reason they have pretty smiles is because of what many call, “teeth caps.”

Dr. Hauser Makes Celebrity Smiles

Dr. Hauser understands your pain. In fact, one of the reasons he devoted his life to his career is because he wanted to offer aesthetic options for people of all walks of life, not just celebrities. That’s why he offers a wide range of payment plans. This allows people, celebrity or not, to go home with stunning smiles.

20 CEREC Crowns Were Placed in One Visit
Replaced 10 Lower and 10 Upper Teeth with CEREC Crowns in Only One Visit

Why Teeth Caps?

Caps and veneers provide the best results because it allows the dentist to correct tooth imperfections as well. These will include peg laterals and chipped teeth, which are eyesores, even when they are blindingly white. Tooth shape plays a huge role in aesthetics and may make a person look more attractive, if done right.

While many people resort to bleaching and bonding, teeth caps provide an accurate and even shade. CEREC veneers and crowns come in different hues, allowing patients to choose from a wide range of colors to suit their fancy. Please note that it would be best to check the shade under natural light to see if it matches your skin’s undertone.

CEREC Over Lab Crowns

Dr. Hauser prefers CEREC veneers and crowns because they allow the patient to walk out of the office with a permanent restoration in just one visit many times, instead of temporary crowns or veneers. This is because it caters to people who are not willing to wait long for the finished product.

The CEREC restorations are fabricated at Lakefront Family Dentistry’s office and takes minutes to make a custom tooth that matches surrounding teeth color. Dr. Hauser adds color, shape and any effect to make your teeth look gorgeous—while you wait!

This means whiter teeth in less than a day, which is the best solution for busy people who do not want to wait for half a month for their lab-fabricated crowns.

Dr. Hauser has over a decade using CEREC dental technology and adds the finishing touches to every tooth in his office by tinting the finished veneers or crowns. This make teeth look even more natural.

Get Straighter Teeth with Dental Crowns and Veneers

Dental caps can also be used to replace orthodontic treatment. Dr. Hauser can help make a crooked smile look straighter instantly with the use of proper plotting and placement of the veneers and/or crowns. This will provide the illusion of straighter teeth without the need for any orthodontic appliance.

However, please remember that this should only be attempted if the crooked teeth do not pose a risk to the TMJ. In cases where the teeth truly need orthodontic care to prevent facial complications, it would be best to seek orthodontic treatment first. Dr. Derek Hauser works with the top orthodontist right around the corner.

Get perfect teeth in less than a day with the experience from Lakefront Family Dentistry. Dr. Hauser is an expert in the cosmetic dentistry field and one of the most respected names in the Inland Empire and neighboring areas. His awesome staff also provides auxiliary dental treatments that include oral prophylaxis and more.

If you want straighter and whiter dentition almost instantly, teeth caps are the best way to achieve that. Get the celebrity smile you have always dreamed of at Lakefront family Dentistry. You can schedule an appointment online or reach them at (951) 244-9495.

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