Replace a Tooth with The Best Prosthodontic Devices

Our teeth can withstand daily stresses and remain anchored and fully functioning, with proper oral care. There are many factors that can lead to tooth loss. Periodontal disease and cavities are the leading causes of edentulism (toothless; lacking teeth). However, blunt force to the area is another etiologic factor, followed by bone loss. These can be remedied using an appliance for tooth replacement.

Dr. Hauser: The Dental Prosthetic Expert

Dr. Hauser is a family dentist and a CEREC specialist. With over 20 years as a dental practitioner, he has helped numerous people regain their smiles. He knows that every case is unique and does what he can to remedy the problem using modern technology and an approach that caters to the individual concerns of each patient.

Which Appliances Can Be Used to Replace A Tooth?

There are many types of dental prosthetics that target specific edentulous cases. Dr. Hauser prefers to analyze each case thoroughly to come up with a treatment plan that will match them patient’s lifestyle and oral cavity concerns. These are possible tooth replacement devices that are commonly used in the dental practice:

1) Dental Implants

This is the latest restorative and cosmetic option that involves root and crown replacement. Please note that not everyone is an ideal candidate for this procedure.

CERC Crown on Dental Implant with Professional Teeth Cleaning and Whitening.
Damaged Tooth From Childhood Needed to be Pulled. Then a Dental Implant Placed, a CEREC Crown, with Professional Teeth Cleaning and Whitening.

2) Hybrid Dental Implants

These involve the use of a bridge-type apparatus that is anchored permanently in place using up to six implants. It is inexpensive and allows people with jawbone resorption to enjoy hassle-free teeth replacement.

3) Traditional Dentures

These are removal tooth replacements that can be used to replace multiple teeth. Denture paste can be applied to hold it in place. It remains a popular option because it is priced at a pocket-friendly range.

4) Denture Bridges

This goes against the conservative approach, as two or more nearby teeth are used as anchorage. Denture bridges can be used to replace one or more teeth as long as the adjacent dentition can handle the stress.

Choosing Your Appliance

This is a process that requires the expertise and input of a dental practitioner. Dr. Hauser understands that many patients will prefer cheaper appliances because of budget concerns. However, if the patient wants to avail of an appliance that is more costly yet better suited to his or her oral condition, Lakefront Family Dentistry has various payment options to choose from and is affiliated with a number of insurance companies.

Dr. Hauser provides his patients with a wide range of prosthodontic appliances to choose from. However, he would prefer to have the final say when it comes to picking out a dental prosthesis.

He ends each consultation with a discussion about the benefits of selecting the right device and it is his job to make the patient aware of the risks involved if one chooses an appliance that does not suit one’s oral condition.

If you are considering a tooth replacement device, let an expert help you find the best one to suit our needs. For any questions about our prosthodontic appliances, please give the clinic a call at (951) 244-9495.

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