Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

With the extensive amount of children dentistry professionals present throughout the Inland Empire, it can be challenging to know which options may be the most trustworthy for the care of your child’s oral health. Parents not only need to seek affordable options; they must also research to ensure that dental professionals have all of the necessary certifications and positive reviews from previous patients. Without this, it can be difficult to find a pediatric dentist that can adequately cover the child’s needs.

Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, has many documented years of excellent service as a family dentist and pediatric dentist within Riverside County, California. He is truly knowledgeable about all aspects of the field of dentistry and has over 20 years of expertise that he can offer to the treatment and care experience. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Hauser is as simple as picking up the phone to call Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 today.

Lakefront Family Dentistry Offers Simple Teeth Extraction Services for Children and Adults with Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS.
Teeth Extraction for Children and Adults is Easy with Dr. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry

Prevent Dental Anxiety in Early Childhood

Understandably, children often have feelings of anxiety associated with going to the dentist. Interacting with children is unique in comparison to any other age group, and as such, dentists and their staff must approach treatments and procedures appropriately. Lakefront Family Dentistry staff pays attention to every detail in order to ensure that even the youngest patients can enjoy their visit.

Ensuring that children have positive experiences at the dentist can reinforce healthy thoughts and beliefs about oral health as the child continues to age. Children that have been treated receptively by dental staff and have had experiences that were primarily painless are less likely to experience dental anxiety as they continue to develop. At Lakefront Family Dentistry, we endeavor to ensure that every child’s experience in our office ends on a positive sentiment.

Top Quality Children Dentistry Services

Lakefront Family Dentistry prides itself on providing quality dental services with some of the most recent breakthroughs in dental technology. Parents appreciate our dental services because they know that our caring and friendly staff works diligently to maintain the proper hygiene and care necessary for optimal oral health in each child. Dental Technicians provide all the guidance necessary to ensure parents know what actions must be taken to encourage healthy development of their child’s teeth and gums.

In addition, our payment plans and variety of accepted dental programs make it easy for parents to be able to cover the costs associated with their child’s dental care. Even if we don’t carry a specific dental insurance program, we can provide a discount to help ease the overall cost associated with the procedure.

Parents seeking the most trustworthy children dentistry services in Riverside County are encouraged to give us a call at (951) 244-9495. We can schedule a convenient time for an upcoming appointment and discuss the many services we can offer for our younger patients.

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