Oral Cancer and Tobacco Chewing

Spit It Out…Before It’s Too Late

Many people are unaware of how tobacco and alcohol are one of the leading causes of oral and oropharyngeal cancer. This is a condition caused by habit and lifestyle. Studies show at least 90% of people with oral cancer are tobacco users.

Dr. Hauser Talks about Oral Cancer

In the US, there are about 3% of adults who chew tobacco. Studies also show that about 7 to 8% of high school students enjoy this vice. This alarms Dr. Hauser immensely because he has seen one too many lesions progress into malignancies because of chewing tobacco.

Aside from tooth discoloration, gum recession and bone loss, many people think this form of tobacco is safer than cigars or cigarettes. The truth is that both smokeless and non-smokeless tobacco put people at great risk. Therefore, Dr. Hauser urges his patients to quit before it’s too late and tells those who don’t use it to never start at all.

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Bad teeth, smoker,oral cancer, missing teeth
Bad teeth, smoker,oral cancer, missing teeth

Slow and Steady Can Win the Race Against Oral Cancer

While some people can quit cold turkey, many people who are addicted to chewing tobacco will find it hard to give up their hobby right away. Luckily, this type of oral fixation is easier to supplement in comparison to smoking.

Dr. Hauser recommends cutting down by switching to a lower nicotine version of one’s current stash. The next step would be to limit the amount one chews per day. This can be done by substituting tobacco with regular chewing gum.

Many smokers and chewers will tell you the best way to quit is to find candies that match your favorite tobacco. People who enjoy menthols can chew peppermint or wintergreen gum. Those who prefer reds may enjoy ginger or cinnamon gum, as it mimics the taste quite nicely.

Get Your Mouth Screened for Oral Cancer Now

Dr. Hauser believes that the best way to remain cancer-free is to be vigilant, especially if you enjoy the vices mentioned above. This is particularly true for people who smoke or chew habitually and have a familial history of any type of cancer.

People who chew or smoke tobacco and those who drink should get their mouth checked regularly for lesions and any signs of oral cancer. A thorough oral checkup should be done twice-to-four times per year. Please note that Dr. Hauser may ask the patient to visit a medical specialist in case he spots any suspicious lesions or growths. A dentist is almost always the first one to see oral cancer, so make your appointment for a screening right away.

This is done to ensure the patient’s overall health, as oral cancer may spread to other parts of the body if left untreated. Therefore, it would be wise to schedule a trip to the medical specialist right away if Dr. Hauser recommends it.

If you are a chewer or a smoker, it is never too late to quit. Please have your oral cavity checked regularly to ensure your overall health and wellness. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hauser online or by calling Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495.

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