Your Dentist Can Now Detect Sleep Apnea

Orthophos SL 2D and 3D Dental Imaging Views the Airway

Advancements in dental equipment manufactured by Sirona not only help find cavities and gum disease, the new Orthophos SL has 2D and 3D imaging that also shows the airway of a patient.  The benefit of this new equipment means a great dentist can now see if a patient has a restricted airway.

If their airway is restricted, then Dr. Hauser and Dr. Kanter, at Lakefront Family Dentistry offer patients a referral to a local sleep apnea doctor to determine the best course of treatment. This could potentially be a life-saving trip to the dentist! Patients receive a copy of the scan for their doctor, too.

Sleep apnea increases a person’s risk of stroke. If heart disease is present, numerous episodes of not breathing while sleeping leads to a low level of oxygen in the blood. This is known as hypoxia or hypoxemia, and this lack of oxygen can lead to sudden death from an irregular heartbeat.

Orthophos SL Dentist Detects Sleep Apnea

Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

Statistic show there are approximately 22 million Americans that are currently suffering from sleep apnea and most aren’t even aware they have this condition. 80 per cent have moderate to severe levels that are completely undiagnosed.

Many Americans are still uninsured, but they still take care of their oral health. It would be wise to get a full, 3D scan with the new Orthophos SL dental imaging system (similar to a CAT Scan) and take care of dental issues in addition to making sure you don’t have this condition.

Features of the Orthophos SL

Not only can this amazing Sirona 2D/3D hybrid x-ray unit detect dental and sleep apnea issues, Dr. Hauser can also see polyps in the sinus cavity, fluid in the sinus and even some tumors and cysts with this machine.

This is panoramic imaging—taken to the next level. This diagnostic tool allows for larger volume images than the previously used Orthopos XG 3D imaging system that has been replaced with this newer, improved technology.  Lakefront Family Dentistry stays on top of the leading technology with the patient’s health always at the forefront of this upscale, private practice.

Orthophos SL 3D Dentist Xray Images


3D Low Dose

The days of using high doses of radiation in dentistry are a thing of the past. CBCT and 2D images are now possible with low-dose mode. The flexibility to obtain high-resolution scans for fine structures like dental implants that use titanium or other metals, or other oral malformations of the teeth and bones are safer for young patients and adults.

MARS Technology

It was previously difficult to obtain 3D imaging of patients with metal restorations. However, the MARS (metal artifact reduction sequence) software literally removes the metals from the 3D imaging, which improves the quality and makes a diagnosis easier on the dental practitioner.

High Definition Scanning Technology

Some dental cases are complex, and this new touch panel allows for more reliable, higher contrast images while using safe diagnostic testing in HD mode. Years ago, without these advancements, many oral health issues were missed without this technology.

This is one more reason finding a local dentist near you that invests in his and her patients means your entire family has the peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best dental team and technology to find any issues that outdated practices have not been able to implement.

Orthophos SL 2D 3D xray low dose imaging dental implants

Anatomically Correct

The Sharp Layer (SL) Technology takes an image of each patient’s anatomical features into account and uses over 3,000 single projections taken quickly from multiple angles to produce a precise, panoramic image to help the dentist diagnose the proper course of treatment.

Taking CEREC Dentistry and Imaging to Higher Standards

As a leading CEREC dentist with an in-house CEREC laboratory, patients are able sit comfortably on the A-dec chairs and often enjoy a visit with the famous therapy dog, Stella. Children and adults alike enjoy her calming demeanor and friendly personality, which always brings a smile to patients and makes a trip the dentist fun!

Before a patient knows it, their beautiful teeth are ready. Dr. Hauser gently places the new, custom, porcelain teeth and a breathtaking smile is transformed in just one-to-two visits. The increase of confidence and self-esteem, as well as improving the oral health of a patient is the key to making thousands of patients happy with Dr. Hauser and his dedicated team of professionals.

Ask What Type of Equipment and Safety a Dental Practice Uses

Find a dentist who puts his or her patient’s safety and health as the first priority in their practice.  Even though Dr. Hauser has almost 25 years as a general and specialized cosmetic dentist using CEREC dentistry, the technology and continuing education of the entire team will also make a major difference in your long-term health.  Lakefront Family Dentistry consistently meets and exceeds the American Dental Association’s education and safety requirements.

Our Patients Rank Dr. Mark Phillipe, DDS, and Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, as the #1 Private Cosmetic and Family Dentist Practice in the Inland Empire!