A Family Dentist Will Prevent, Identify and Reverse Periodontal Disease

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Gingivitis, a form of periodontal disease, is a condition that affects 75 percent of Americans. Many of its victims don’t even know their mouth is carrying the disease, as it often elicits no symptoms. However, its presence is something that could easily be prevented by keeping regular appointments with your family dentist.

On its own, gingivitis does no permanent damage to your teeth, their bone structure or your gums, but if steps are not taken to treat the inflammation from plaque and tartar, it will develop into a more severe form of periodontal disease, which may result in the loss of bone and then your teeth.

Your Lake Elsinore Dentist Will Identify and Treat the Causes and Symptoms of Gingivitis

With mild cases of gingivitis, patients often experience no symptoms. But this is what many people see when the condition begins to advance:

  • Gums no longer are a healthy pink but a deeper red or even purple.
  • When you brush or floss your teeth, your mouth begins to bleed.
  • Patients notice bad breath.
  • Your gums are swollen and painful to the touch.
  • Your gums lose their firmness and consistency.

Although gingivitis often is present because of excessive levels of tartar and plague, it can be caused by other circumstances, such as:

  • An alteration in hormone levels from puberty, menopause, during a woman’s menstrual cycle or while a woman is pregnant.
  • Certain illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes and HIV, are associated with a greater chance of contracting gingivitis.
  • Medications that can cause dry mouth, such as Dilantin, may lead to the disease.
  • Smoking tobacco products is a common cause.
  • Many people whose parents had gingivitis tend to have it, as well.

If you are resident of Lake Elsinore and are experiencing any of the symptoms outlined above or would like to begin a dental care regiment to combat gingivitis, Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, would be more than happy to provide his services as your regular family dentist. With 20 years of experience, Dr. Hauser received his dental credentials from USC in 1993 and is certified in laser dentistry as well as invisalign.

Our office is conveniently located within the city limits, and we treat many families. Dr. Hauser is quite proud that almost 20 percent of his clients are elderly patients that have sought his advice and care for a number of years.

Besides providing outstanding services in family dentistry, Dr. Hauser is a cosmetic dentist with a decade of experience in CEREC technology. If gingivitis has advanced to a periodontal stage or if a tooth simply becomes damaged or injured, Dr. Hauser can promptly address any concerns. Contact his office at 951-244-9495 or Make an Appointment Online Today!

Gingivitis Is Easily Diagnosed and Treated

If a patient has gingivitis, he or she will receive an oral examination and cleaning. Dr. Hauser, your family dentist, may also recommend using an oral probe to measure any gaps between the gums and teeth where the gum line may have receded. X-rays are another option to study if there has been any bone loss.

You can care for gingivitis through your dentist and then at home after getting the proper diagnosis and treatment.

How a Family Dentist Treats Gingivitis

  • All of the plaque and tartar is removed from the teeth.
  • The dentist educates the patient on how to brush and floss appropriately and shows the best way to perform oral hygiene.
  • In severe cases, more appointments may be scheduled to monitor the patient’s progress.
  • Crowns or bridges may be used to repair any teeth that inhibit proper oral maintenance. Unlike 90 percent of dentists in the United States, Dr. Hauser’s CEREC technology allows these procedures to take place in only one visit!

How to Treat Gingivitis at Home

  • Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice every 24 hours.
  • Invest in an electronic toothbrush because studies have shown they are more effective than a hand-held brush.
  • Floss your teeth a minimum of one time per day, but two is recommended.
  • Ask your dentist which kind of antiseptic mouthwash you should use, and rinse once daily. Dr. Hauser recommends Colgate Peroxyl.

Gingivitis Can Be Reversed

Just because you contract gingivitis doesn’t mean you also will develop severe periodontal disease. If this condition is identified early, it can be abolished.

The patient must use proper oral healthcare and follow the guidelines that his or her family dentist establishes. If you’re looking for a Lake Elsinore family dentist to satisfy your family’s dental needs, be sure to consult Dr. Derek B. Hauser. Dr. Hauser is dedicated to providing his patients with the most pleasant dental experience possible and is more than willing to educate them on proper oral hygiene care.

Also well known as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hauser possesses 10 years of experience with CEREC technology and he speaks at lectures across the country about the latest cosmetic dentist techniques. Contact his office at (951) 244-9495 or Make an Appointment Online Today!

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