Learn How a Good Teeth Cleaning Regimen Can Prevent Gum Disease

Maximize Dental Cleaning Results with Daily Flossing and Professional Cleanings

When it comes to preventing serious mouth disease, flossing plays an extremely important role in keeping the mouth free from disease. Yet, a recent survey showed only 49% of Americans do this daily, and 10% admit to not flossing at all.

Although many people brush daily, toothbrushes only clean the outer layer of enamel. For the most effective cleaning results, you need to remove food and bacteria from between the teeth using an interdental cleaner.

At Lakefront Family Dentistry, we discuss the benefits of this cleaning method with all of our patients. Food and bacteria left in the mouth can cause irritation and swelling around and under the gum line. These symptoms are often indicative of early stage gum disease, called gingivitis.

It’s extremely important to visit your dentist regularly for bi-annual exams and a professional dental cleaning with one of our three registered dental hygienists. Dr. Hauser and his staff use advanced digital x-rays, combined with a physical assessment to help identify any signs of infection.

Gingivitis, if treated early, is a completely reversible condition. Left untreated, it will ultimately result in periodontal disease (advanced stage gum disease that may result in tooth loss).

Why Don’t More People Use Interdental Cleaners?

Many simply don’t realize the benefits and importance of making sure to clean between the teeth. That’s why Lakefront Family Dentistry takes the time to educate our patients, showing them the most effective cleaning habits they can adopt and use at home.

There are a wide variety of “excuses” people give for not using floss. They include:

Reason #1 – “I don’t get food stuck in my teeth, so there’s no need.”

Reason #2 – “I’ve tried, but I just don’t know how.”

Reason #3 – “I just don’t have the time.”

Reason #4 – “It hurts too much.”

Reason #5 – “I don’t have any tooth gaps.”

Why is It so Important to Floss?

Periodontal disease, which is an irreversible condition, affects 49% of adults in the United States. This condition develops as a result of infectious micro-organisms that attack the mouth cavity. This serious condition also raises the risk for heart disease and many other physical health ailments.

Tips for Great Oral Health

  • Floss before brushing
  • Use ADA-approved toothpaste with fluoride
  • Use antimicrobial mouthwash to kill bacteria

Stop Harmful Plaque and Bacteria from Destroying Your Mouth

Our bodies constantly produce plaque, a thin and sticky substance that loves to attach itself in between tooth cracks, crevices and under the gums. It’s responsible for many cavities, yellow staining and creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth.

If not removed, plaque hardens and forms a very hard tartar that can only be removed by a dental hygienist using special tools. Flossing for as little as 2 minutes every day greatly reduces the risk of developing periodontitis.

Keep a Healthy, Clean Mouth and Save Lots of Money!

A research report published by the Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP) studied the cost of oral care, comparing kids who’d been to the dentist before 1 year of age with other kids whose initial appointment was after their 1st birthday. The children were followed until their 5th birthday.

The study results concluded that children who’d had early care before their 1st birthday had costs averaging 40% less than the other children in the study!

In economically disadvantaged communities, the same research study concluded these patients average dental costs that are 10 times more than those who visited their dentist for regular checkups and cleaning.

Patient education, professional cleaning tools and advanced restorative techniques largely contribute to the monetary cost differences between the different groups targeted in the CDHP research study.

Lakefront Family Dentistry looks forward to becoming your partner in helping maintain excellent oral health. Please call (951) 244-9495 and schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Hauser to discuss your teeth cleaning needs, or make an appointment online with us today!

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