Get Those Old Amalgam Cavities Replaced with a White Tooth Filling and Avoid a Potential Root Canal

Resin Tooth Fillings Remove Decay to Increase Oral Health and Smile Confidence!

Have you been waiting years to get those old amalgam fillings checked out by a local dentist? Chances are you should come in for a checkup sooner, before further damage of your tooth occurs.

Old Amalgam Fillings Could be a Sign of Further Tooth Decay

Millions of people wait too long to get a dental checkup, thinking there isn’t a problem with their old fillings. However, many times, the old amalgam can have cracks in them, which means certain types of food and sugary beverages seep into the tooth and cause decay.

What’s worse is that the root of the tooth can become infected, and years of neglect sometimes means root canal treatment is necessary to save the tooth. Waiting to get your old fillings checked out could be a costly mistake.

It’s painless to get a checkup at Lakefront Family Dentistry. Dr. Phillipe, DDS, and Dr. Hauser, DDS, have treated patients for 30 years with great success. Your comfort and quality care is #1 at our dental practice. We won’t try and “sell you something” you do not need. Our dentists pride themselves on being very honest, which is why his patients never leave!

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Before and After Dental Cavities Replaced with White Tooth Filling

Before and After Dental Cavities Replaced with White Tooth Filling

What’s in a Resin?

Dental composite resins are used as a restorative material. These synthetic resins are durable and not sensitive to dehydration. Dr. Hauser can make any synthetic resin to match the surrounding tooth color. Not only are your cavities old and possibly leaking, when your unsightly amalgam is removed, your confidence soars knowing you can smile as big and wide as you desire without showing your “silver” or decay.

The Problem with Amalgam Fillings (Silver)

Synthetic resin restores teeth closely back to their original integrity. This is important for long-term wear and tear, as well as being able to enjoy your favorite foods without worry. However, amalgam requires retention features to make sure the filling can hold.

Plus, the aesthetic aspect for many is an important factor. One of the first things people notice about another person is their smile and oral hygiene. If you have a mouth full of silver, you might want to consider replacing them with white tooth fillings so you can smile without feeling insecure people are staring into your mouth.

If you’re going for that long-awaited job interview, make sure your smile stands out with confidence and it gleans with radiance. A professional teeth cleaning and whitening can do wonders to transform a smile immediately!

It’s Time to Get Rid of Those Cavities and Replace them with a White Tooth Filling

Some advantages of a white tooth filling are:

  • Composites can be made to match the color of your surrounding teeth
  • Dental composite resin/synthetic resins are glued into teeth to strengthen the tooth’s structure
  • No need to create retentive features with resin, where amalgam destroys the healthy tooth
  • High bond rate strengthens enamel and dentin


Dr. Phillipe and Dr. Hauser ensure every patients is comfortable. We only use a local anesthetic to numb the area, and the old amalgam and potential decay are removed while you relax. Check out one of our many patient testimonials.

I was very pleased with the service, never kept waiting for my appt, all the staff professional, but friendly. Also, since I was deathly afraid of the dentist, due to some very bad experiences, everyone was very concerned about my comfort. I had quite a lot of work done, several crowns and a bridge, and never felt any pain through any procedure. – Sheree C., Riverside

After the tooth is cleaned thoroughly to ensure there is no bacteria or debris, it is prepped for your new white filling. The tooth-colored filling is applied in layers, and our special light hardens each layer, which is also known as “curing.” Once your filling is complete and you have a comfortable bite, the tooth is polished and your new, pearly whites are ready to be shown to the world!

The dentists at our private dental office in Lake Elsinore look forward to meeting with you to discuss white tooth filling options that meet your needs. Just call Lakefront Family Dentistry during business hours at (951) 244-9495 or make an appointment online today.

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