Why Treating Gingivitis Should Be First On Your To-Do List

Proper oral care should be part of our daily routine, as it does not take more than 20 minutes a day to keep our teeth and gums healthy. However, many of us neglect them, which can lead to serious dental problems.

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Gum Disease in the U.S.

Gingivitis is a common condition that affects many people all over the world. While it may be understandable in underdeveloped areas, due to lack of dental education, research shows that there are many people in developed countries that have this condition.

This is a disease that is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, wherein the patient does not follow proper flossing and brushing techniques or does not perform them at least twice daily.

Since it starts of as an asymptomatic symptom, many people do not consider it a major threat to their health. Sadly, the failure to be fastidious about receiving treatment can lead to tooth loss and other health problems.

Why Should I Get Gingivitis Treated?

Gingivitis can lead to other serious dental injuries. This includes tooth loss and periodontal problems.

Gingivitis is a pre-cursor to a serious condition called periodontitis. A 2012 study by the CDC shows that about 47% of adults in the U.S. have periodontitis. That means roughly 64.7 Million adults over the age of 30 have this condition.

Periodontitis is a disease wherein the bacteria are able to enter the subgingival area. It may travel into the alveolar bone, periodontal socket and even into the bloodstream. This can lead to coma and even death, especially when the microorganisms enter the brain.

Can I Treat Gingivitis at Home?

In this day and age, many people are obsessed with D.I.Y. options, which is understandable because of the recession. However, the treatment of gingivitis is not something you can do at home.

To start, proper debridement is required to remove any plaque that may be lodged between the gums and the teeth. This process requires skill and a gentle touch. Too much force can leave nasty lacerations, which can lead to infection and even gum recession. This is why it would be best to visit a dentist instead of treating gingivitis at home.

How Is Gingivitis Treated?

Please note that gingivitis cannot be treated in one visit. The irritation needs time to heal and the gums, if recession is present, will need time to grow back. The registered dental hygienist will start by scaling and polishing the teeth. This serves as a way for her to diagnose the extent of the damage as well.

The plaque must be removed completely, and she will have to check for any signs of periodontal pockets or other symptoms that indicate that the gum line has been breached. A medicated solution may be used on the irritated area to remove any remaining bacteria.

Please note that a dentist may perform other restorative technique, which can include CEREC crowns on damaged dentition. In cases where crowns are required, CEREC (by Sirona) technology is used by Dr. Hauser. This technology has the best tooth material offered by dentists worldwide today. It is lighter and does not have any metal components, which makes it the safest choice for cases with gum recession.

If you want an expert in the treatment of gingivitis, Dr. Hauser is a seasoned cosmetic specialist. He prefers to use CEREC restorations because they are less likely to cause gum recession. Revive your lackluster gums with a visit to the best cosmetic dentist in Lake Elsinore.

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