The Answers Might Surprise Some of You!

Can your fillings transmit radio frequency?

No, they cannot. It’s a myth that’s gone around for years. However, if you need a cavity filled or have a new one, Dr. Hauser doesn’t use silver (amalgam) fillings. He uses white tooth fillings so they match your surrounding teeth and are more aesthetically pleasing.

Replaced Old Amalgam Fillings with Custom CEREC Crowns

Can pregnancy cause problems with your teeth and gums?

Yes. There is such a thing called pregnancy gingivitis. This is due to a change in hormones. Pregnant women should see their dentist every three months because of the fluctuation in hormones if their obstetrician approves.

Can I go to the dentist when I’m pregnant?

Make sure and talk with your obstetrician first. Some doctors will tell you to avoid the dentist during your first and last trimester. The best time to see your dentist is during the middle trimester. The thought process is that they don’t want anything to induce labor.

However, if there is a dental emergency, contact your obstetrician first, just to make sure it’s all right. Every pregnancy is different. If a pregnant woman has a toothache or infection while pregnant, it should not be ignored.

If your mother or father has crooked incisors or an overbite, can you inherit these physical traits?

Yes. Of course, if your parents have great teeth, the chance of you getting them, too, is significantly increased. However, if their teeth are too large, narrow, missing or have extra ones, chances are the children might inherit the same oral problems. The color of one’s teeth can even be carried on for generations to come.

invisalign before and after bottom teeth crooked and corrected
invisalign before and after bottom teeth crooked and corrected

Are silver fillings dangerous to your health?

This is a question that’s been talked about for decades. The FDA did a long-term study proving that amalgam is not dangerous when used as a filling in teeth. Science has proved that the mercury in fillings do not cause disease, however, amalgam does crack.

Silver fillings are amalgam. Amalgam means “mixture,” where the mercury is mixed with the amalgam to get the filling to work. It’s a personal preference and safety concern if someone wants to have all their silver removed for various reasons.

Again, Dr. Hauser replaces silver fillings with white tooth fillings when they need to be replaced, and does not tell all his patients to replace all their amalgam fillings.

Replaced Amalgam and Decay with CEREC CRowns
Full Upper Mouth Restoration to Replace Decay and Amalgam with CEREC Crowns

Can I just skip flossing altogether?

Absolutely not, that is, if you want to save your teeth and gums—and money. Even today, there is no toothbrush that can successfully get the food particles from between your teeth and stimulate your gums at the bottom where floss can massage them.

Cavities form in the contact between the two teeth. No toothbrush can effectively get in these areas, especially when millions of people have teeth that are very close together. This is exactly where gum disease begins.

Does my dentist just want to make more money from me or what?

Patients of Dr. Hauser don’t even have to ask that question. The level of trust is so strong; they know he has their best interest—and wallet—in mind. In many cases, Dr. Hauser will actually avoid against dental work that isn’t necessary. He even offers a great cash discount to his patients who don’t have insurance.

If you see a dentist and question whether their course of treatment is “really necessary,” you should get a second opinion. Lakefront Family Dentistry is successful because their patients matter—not what they can make. Go to someone you trust and this question will be a non-issue.

Be sure and ask questions and look at your own x-rays. A great dentist will be happy to share all of this with you and offer some education about the course of treatment needed.

Why does a dentist cost so much?

Think about the last time you were lying in bed writhing in pain with that toothache. Did you do the proper preventative dental care by getting professional teeth cleaning twice a year? Did you floss and brush at least twice a day and change out your toothbrush every 60-90 days?

By the time most people come to the dentist, the damage is done. That means the cost rises because the time and materials, as well as the advanced expertise and equipment must be used to fix the problem.

How much is your health worth? Don’t let your oral health slip away. Taking care of yourself means savings in the long run.

Lakefront Family Dentistry has three registered dental hygienists, three dental assistants and two patient coordinators. Dr. Hauser, well known as the best CEREC dentist in Riverside County, has hand-picked each staff member, who is there for a six-month trial period to make sure they fit within the team. This is exactly why everyone is extremely happy and looks forward to coming into work each day with a smile! 

Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, and his Registered Dental Assistants
Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, and his Registered Dental Assistants

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