Tooth Implant Procedures are Safer and More Effective Than Ever

There once was a time when people considered wisdom teeth a gift that came with age. The term dates back to the mid-19th century when dental technology was primitive and proper oral care was still a mystery to most people.

Today, we are fortunate enough to live in an age when tooth loss is completely preventable and entirely reversible. With dental implants, even patients who have neglected their teeth for years might be able to enjoy a full, straight and beautiful smile.

Damaged Tooth From Childhood Needed to be Pulled. Then a Dental Implant Placed, a CEREC Crown, with Professional Teeth Cleaning and Whitening.

CERC Crown on Dental Implant with Professional Teeth Cleaning and Whitening.

But even simple dental treatments require the knowledge and experience of a skilled professional. Because receiving a tooth implant is an intricate and sensitive process, the procedure must be left to a well-established and respected dentist.

At Lakefront Family Dentistry, Dr. Derek Hauser has 20 years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. With the latest technology and a well-trained staff, Dr. Hauser provides cutting-edge dental treatments for patients of all ages in Riverside County. Whether you need comprehensive dental work or a new family dentist, Contact Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 or Make an Appointment Online Today!

Why Locate a Skilled Dentist for a Tooth Implant

The process of developing and attaching tooth implants requires a particular level of care and attention. This is a multi-step treatment, and if your dentist doesn’t have the experience to deliver, you may not be completely satisfied with the final outcome.

A dental implant anchors to the jaw, making it a permanent solution to missing teeth. The process of installing the artificial root is considered oral surgery, so not every dentist is qualified or capable of completing this treatment.

After the titanium root becomes permanently fixed to the jaw bone, the patient returns to receive the crown. This is a natural-looking tooth cap that should match the size, shape and color of the missing tooth. It should be nearly imperceptible to others.

Unfortunately, an inexperienced or inattentive dentist might not develop the crown correctly. It might not fit comfortably, or it may be too white and stick out from other teeth.

At Lakefront Family Dentistry, Dr. Hauser doesn’t just want your dental implant to function like a normal tooth; he also wants the outcome to look as natural as possible. To accomplish this, he carefully assesses the contours of your teeth to produce an exact match.

Delaying Treatment Could Be More Costly Than You Think

Some patients who need oral surgery may become anxious and put off the appointment. Unfortunately, almost every dental issue becomes worse over time. This is true for cavities, periodontal disease and jaw deterioration.

The breakdown of the jaw bone is a major risk for patients with missing teeth. In fact, the jaw bone can reduce in width by 25 percent within one year of losing a tooth.

That’s not to say that people who have been missing teeth for years won’t benefit from tooth implants, but it is important for patients with missing teeth to schedule an examination as soon as possible.

How to Maintain a Dental Implant

Tooth implants don’t just look like natural teeth; they function like them, too. In fact, you can brush and floss implants like any other tooth.

At Lakefront Family Dentistry, we will provide all the information you need to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. If any problems do arise, we have a skilled staff and the latest technology to create the perfect treatment plan.

Dr. Hauser recently confirmed his commitment to maintaining cutting-edge dental equipment by installing an ORTHOPHOS XG 3D digital imaging system. Instead of typical X-rays, this device can capture the entire mouth in one shot, reducing radiation exposure.

Although there is a cosmetic treatment to fix just about any dental issue, nothing can replace good oral hygiene. Remember to brush twice each day, and try to floss at least once daily. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, and schedule a regular cleaning with your family dentist twice each year.

If you need a new family dentist, or if you want a nationally renowned oral surgeon to correct your dental issues, then contact Lakefront Family Dentistry. We’ll discuss your goals and help develop a comprehensive plan to recreate your youthful smile.

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