Why Dr. Hauser Is the Top-Rated Family Dentist

Most of us dread the trip to the dentist not because we fear discomfort or have deep-seated phobias, but because we worry about having to visit different specialists for various oral treatments. This is why it would be best to shift to a provider who can provide all the needed dental services.

Dr. Hauser: General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Hauser is a family dentist with more than 20 years of experience in the dental industry. He is an expert in several dental fields because he wants each patient to know that their time and health is valued at Lakefront Family Dentistry. Call us at (951) 244-9495 today for an appointment, or go online now and make an appointment.

In fact, he offers a wide range of services to ensure that patients can have all the necessary work done in one visit, or two—depending on the severity. He makes sure to use the most recent dental techniques in an effort to save his patients, time, effort and money. This is why the remains the favorite dentist in the Inland Empire.

Lakefront Family Dentistry Offers Many Types of Dental Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth fillings are one of the basic restorative needs. The same goes for teeth whitening and root canals. However, p

Gum Infection and Periodontitis Treatment with Professional Teeth Cleaning
Eroding Gum Line with Severe Plaque Buildup Causes Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease. Professional Treatment is Required.

lease note that there are other dental appliances that can enhance the cosmetic appeal of one’s smile.

CEREC has become quite popular, as each tooth, onlay, inlay or veneer can be fabricated in less than 15 minutes on-site. However, Dr. Hauser also provides other options like laboratory-made porcelain crowns and veneers. He also offers dental bridges for cases that require this specific appliance.

Dental Hygiene

Before a patient can get his or her teeth whitened and straightened out, dental prophylactic measures must be done. This is performed to prevent or correct periodontal problems. Thus, all debris must be removed and any gum condition should be resolved as soon as possible.

This is done on-site by the dentist himself or one of his experienced and licensed dental hygienists. Dr. Hauser reviews all patients’ x-rays and provides a treatment plan, which is explained in detail to each patient.

Oral Surgery

This specialty of dentistry involves tooth extraction and implant surgery. Please note that extraction is done as a final option. In most cases, Dr. Hauser would prefer to save the tooth by performing root canal therapy. However, if there is no conservative way to save the tooth, an extraction is done. It may be replaced with a dental implant if Dr. Hauser deems the patient a likely candidate for this procedure.


While many other dentists provide patients with the option to choose traditional braces, Dr. Hauser will only suggest Invisalign because it is safer and so much more comfortable. Invisalign treats a wide range of malocclusion without the need for brackets and wires that may irritate the sensitive inner cheek.

If a patient is not a good candidate for Invisalign, Dr. Hauser works with a local orthodontist he’s referred patients to for many years with great success.

Payment Options

Dr. Hauser understands his patients want the best dental care available today. Lakefront Family Dentistry treats its patients like members of the family. Dr. Hauser offers a wide range of payment solutions to allow everyone to receive the best treatment plans for their needs.

If you are tired of settling for second-best treatment dental services, it may be time to move to a family dentist who truly cares about your oral health. You can set an appointment online or contact Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495.

Our Patients Rank Dr. Mark Phillipe, DDS, and Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, as the #1 Private Cosmetic and Family Dentist Practice in the Inland Empire!