Steps to Speed Up Healing Time

There are many reasons a person might need to have their tooth extracted. Whether it’s from an injury, gum disease or fracture where the tooth cannot be saved, a tooth might need to be removed so your overall health is not impacted. An abscessed tooth can be life threatening if it isn’t treated.

Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, has over 20 years treating patients and has removed countless teeth, either due to infection, disease, injury or to make way for incoming teeth that will impact your bite. Some people have a fear of dentists, but when they go to Dr. Hauser, that fear is completely alleviated.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

With a fun, family-oriented design and comfortable A-dec chairs purchased so every patient is as comfortable as possible, treatment is delivered with laughs and smiles—and you’re out the door before you know it! A tooth extraction is no exception.

A topical anesthetic is placed on your tooth and gumline first, and then a local anesthetic is offered. Frequently, many patients don’t feel a thing. Adults will be able to drive when they leave and not feel groggy at all. Just schedule your appointment knowing Lakefront Family Dentistry has such an amazing atmosphere, you’ll forget it’s a dentist office.

Tooth Extraction Care

Recovery is quite minimal, and almost everyone goes back to work the next day, and often the same day. We do recommend taking the day of the extraction off if you’ve never had one before. There is no need for a prescription pain medication. Ibuprofen works quite well and alleviates swelling.

Additionally, if discomfort is felt when returning home, just placing ice inside a sandwich baggie and placing a hand towel over it, then putting it on the area also helps relieve pain and swelling. Or, a combination of both might help. Most times, patients only require a couple Ibuprofen and they are fine.

Lightly Gargling is Important

Twenty-four hours after the extraction, to speed up the swelling and healing, gently gargling with warm salt water helps. Simple table salt works well. Just add 1 teaspoon of salt into 8 oz. of warm water and rinse until it’s gone. Rinsing every day for a few days will expedite the healing process and cut down on swelling and help heal your gums faster.

Dr. Hauser’s staff will make sure and offer additional gauze, so you can change it a couple times in the first 24 hours. This is completely normal, and relaxing ensures your body will recover faster, too. Stress can cause delays in healing, so taking a nap and going to bed early will actually help.

Soft Foods and Liquids Only

Eating only soft foods like soup or Jello means no damage will come to the newly open orifice. Eating hard candy or foods is a no-no, so make sure and plan a good, liquid meal later on so the area does not become injured. Sometimes a couple stitches are needed, and making sure nothing hits them is important. Soft foods and liquid is a great option.

No Sucking Motion Whatsoever

However, when drinking, never use a straw. When you suck on anything, it could cause a condition known as dry socket. This is painful, so make sure not to suck air or any objects through your mouth for the first week until the area is completely healed. If you experience any type of pain, call our office immediately so we can get you in and check.

When arriving home after the procedure, prop yourself up and don’t lie flat for a few hours. Alleviating blood flow to the oral cavity will help reduce pressure and any potential throbbing and bleeding. So stay elevated for a few hours and relax.

If stitches were added, they will dissolve on their own; however, Dr. Hauser and his staff will schedule your next appointment if you have the permanent kind that need to be removed.

Call Sooner—Don’t Delay

Having an abscessed tooth extracted that cannot be saved will increase your life and keep the surrounding teeth healthy, too. Left untreated just because it doesn’t hurt means you’re increasing the chance to have heart problems. This is something completely avoidable, so contact us at the first sign of tooth pain so we can keep you healthy for years to come!

Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry
Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry

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