How Root Canals Save Your Damaged Teeth

Although our teeth may be strong enough to withstand masticatory forces, they are not as resilient as we think. Certain factors can cause a tooth to break down instantaneously or over a long period of time. Blunt force, invisible fracture lines, severe tooth decay, thermal insult and dental abscesses can damage dentition. To save the tooth, a patient should visit a root canal dentist.

Root canals fall under endodontic treatment, which is a specialized field of dentistry that deals with tooth preservation by removing infected soft tissue within the tooth. This is considered a conservative procedure that should be attempted before extraction, which may have to be performed if the treatment fails.

Therefore, to ensure the best results, a patient should opt for a dentist who has devoted his or her career to perfecting this intricate procedure, like Dr. Hauser, who also specializes in CEREC restoration.

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Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry
Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry

Choose the Best Root Canal Dentist

Root canals are considered tricky procedures, as it takes a skilled dentist to get the job done right.  The pulp canals can be tortuous at times or hardly visible to the inexperienced dentist. This is why many patients prefer to have their root canal therapy done by experts, like Dr. Hauser, who is also a CEREC specialist.

Dr. Hauser has been in business for over 20 years. He is skilled in root canal therapy and uses on the best materials and most conservative techniques to ensure that each patient gets the best treatment for their particular case.

CEREC and Root Canals

Root canals require dentists to drill through enamel and dentin to reach the infected tissue. Therefore, the area should be sealed after the tissue is removed and the filler is put in place. This should be done using a restorative material that is resilient enough to withstand mastication and aesthetically-pleasing as well, especially when anterior teeth are involved.

Minute leaks put the surrounding tissue and bone in danger, as that would provide harmful microorganisms with a point of entry. This is why a competent and experienced dentist will make certain that the restoration meshes seamlessly with the natural dentition.

Dr. Hauser only trusts CEREC technology because it is efficient, effective and blends well with natural teeth. These restorations are usually fabricated in 20 minutes, which saves patients both time and money. The tooth blocks come in a wide variety of shades, to match the patient’s natural teeth. They are also resilient and can handle the usual masticatory forces, making them ideal even for molars, which take on most of the workload.

If you think you might need a root canal, please choose the best endodontic specialist, as an incompetent one might be unable to save your damaged tooth. Dr. Hauser is the favorite root canal dentist in the Inland Empire for over 20 years. His patients prefer him over other practitioners because he is one of the most competent endodontic specialists in the area.

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after crowns are seated on both teeth and are abscess and pain free for life
after crowns are seated on both teeth and are abscess and pain free for life

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