Teeth Stains Don’t Have to Ruin Your Self Esteem

Over the course of our lives, the oral cavity takes a beating from accidents, a poor diet, medications and poor hygiene. Millions of people purchase over-the-counter bleaching systems that might improve certain areas of the teeth temporarily.

However, these drugstore bleaching agents are not even half the strength as professional dental whitening. Additionally, you should never expect great results without going to your dentist and registered dental hygienist for a professional teeth cleaning first.

Two Front Teeth Veneers and Teeth Whitening to Remove Yellow Staining
Two Front Teeth Veneers and Teeth Whitening to Remove Yellow Staining

That would be like waxing a dirty car and expecting the results to be beautiful and long lasting. A professional cleaning means all the plaque and hard tartar buildup is removed first. When a professional-grade solution is used with a custom mold of your teeth, versus a blank mold that doesn’t conform to teeth, teeth are whiter than any over-the-counter solution…faster, too!

Dr. Hauser, DDS, uses Sinsational Smile and his patients rave about the results! It’s an extremely affordable teeth whitening solution with a custom mold of your teeth that can be used again and again. The effectiveness is longer lasting and faster than unprofessional solutions that can become expensive.

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After a professional teeth whitening, or any teeth whitening treatment to remove teeth stains, remember to wait 48-72 hours before eating or drinking any foods that cause staining.

Foods That Stain Teeth

  • Smoking
  • Coffee and Tea (use milk, which helps reduce staining)
  • Red Wine
  • Blueberries
  • Sugary, colored sports drinks
  • Cola-colored drinks
  • Sauces (including fast food sauces)
  • Candy – If you can get a blue tongue, your teeth get stained, too!

Obviously, we cannot tell patients to avoid their favorite foods and drinks, but moderation and brushing immediately after having any of these will reduce the amount of staining teeth receive. Within 15 minutes, sugary substances and food can start eroding tooth enamel and cause cavities. Time is of the essence when it comes to brushing and getting the residual remnants left in between teeth by flossing. Don’t wait, brush right away!

Teeth Matter When Meeting Someone

Did you know 30% of women state that a man’s smile is the first and most important factor when meeting a man? It’s true. Women say if a man can’t take care of his oral hygiene and keep a nice smile pleasant to look at and healthy, it says a lot about his overall esteem and well-being. Take care of your grill, or you could lose that chance of meeting that perfect mate!

The Perfect Job Means Having Impeccable Hygiene

Who would think a smile mattered when it comes to a job interview. Millions know it matters, and so should you. An employer not only considers your outfit, hair and makeup (if applicable), but your smile matters, too.

It’s well known that prospective employers even have assistants watch you pull up, go out to the parking lot and see how well you maintain and keep the inside of your car clean. Oral hygiene, a white smile without visible cavities or decay and fresh breath matter—so make sure you come in for a checkup before that critical job interview and meet with Dr. Derek Hauser today.

If You Interface with Clients, Consider Invisalign

This might sound crazy, but there is a documented case of a woman who went back to work because her husband lost his job. They had three children, and this woman really needed a great job to support their family.

One would think the fact that everyone in the office said they really liked her and wanted to work with her is all that mattered. Think again. At an office meeting, someone asked why she wasn’t hired, and the reply was astounding. She had bucked and crooked teeth and that didn’t fit the image of their clinic.

If your pearly whites are noticeably crooked or misaligned, meet with Dr. Hauser for an Invisalign consultation. Financing is available, and you never know, it could help save your job or get you that much-needed position to feed your family.

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