Invest in Your Oral Health: Buy a Waterpik

Brushing Is Not Enough to Prevent Gum Disease

Despite being from a first-world country, many Americans suffer from conditions caused by poor oral hygiene. In fact, recent data shows that that 8.52% of adults from 20 to 64 have some form of periodontal disease. This is the reason why Dr. Hauser tells his patients to invest in a Waterpik.

Lakefront Family Dentistry Loves WaterPik

Dr. Hauser is a dental expert with more than 20 years of experience in oral care. He advocates the use of Waterpiks and flossing. Some people do not floss sufficiently, so using a Waterpik as an additional method of irrigation and cleaning helps reduce cavities and gum disease.

This also helps in cases where a person has gingivitis or an autoimmune disease like diabetes. This is because people with autoimmune deficiencies tend to be more prone to infection. For those patients who cannot floss and use a Waterpik, you can see the benefit to your gums by using the Waterpik alone. Yet, the combination of flossing and using the Waterpik is even more effective after brushing.

waterpik and flossing


Why Is Water Flossing So Effective?

Many studies show that water flossing provides conservative removal of plaque and debris. The gentle action results in cleaner inter-dental spaces and can help prevent and treat gum disease. In fact, research proves that this method of cleaning is 50% more effective than traditional dental floss and less likely to cause gum irritation.

It provides a fast alternative to regular flossing, but this method should be implemented for most patients as well. In a clinical study done on tooth slices, the Waterpik was able to remove 99.9% of the hardened plaque biofilm in 3 seconds using the medium setting. Please note that it would take about one minute to safely and effectively clean all four tooth quadrants.

Periodontal Treatment Aftercare

In another study, the water flosser was proven to be better than subgingival antibiotic treatment as periodontal maintenance. While a minocycline treatment is usually required after scaling and root planing, using a Waterpik daily can help accelerate healing.

A study compared the effect of using a Waterpik daily versus minocycline. This was performed 30 days after periodontal treatment.  They found out that it is 5% more effective than minocycline treatments with regard to bleeding after probing. It was 4% more effective when it came to pocket depth as well. It is 6% better at aiding in clinical attachment too.

Dr. Hauser believes his patients would be better off using the gentlest method of plaque irrigation, as it would save them from having to spend more on periodontal treatments related to gum erosion. This is why he recommends a WaterPik.

Don’t let periodontal disease ruin your perfect smile. If you would like to find out more about Waterpik and learn how to use a water flosser correctly, you can schedule an appointment with one of Lakefront Family Dentistry’s skilled hygienists. You can go online to do so or call the office at (951) 244-9495.

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