Signs That You Have a Tooth Infection

While there are many factors that cause tooth pain, we should remember that people with poor oral hygiene may also develop a tooth abscess. This is usually caused by severe dental caries, especially if the tooth remains untreated. A tooth infection may also be caused by gum disease or trauma to the tooth. However, in most cases, it is caused by severe dental caries.

Being a CEREC specialist, Dr. Hauser has encountered numerous patients who come for treatment for a tooth infection.  A visual diagnosis and palpation of the area helps assess the situation. However, that is not enough to make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, Dr. Hauser must take a digital x-ray to determine how far the infection has spread. This is done to ensure that his patients get the proper treatment based on the findings.

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Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

In most cases, a person who has a dental abscess will experience throbbing pain on and around the affected area. Others report a sharp or shooting pain. There will be noted discomfort when chewing and a bitter taste in one’s mouth.

Halitosis or bad breath may occur. This is caused by the decay of the pulp. The neck glands of a person with a dental abscess may be swollen as well. In cases wherein the problem is not addressed right away, a parulis or gum boil may develop on the gum tissue. This happens when the abscess tries to find a point of exit. This should be considered a medical emergency as the opening will provide harmful organisms with a point of entry.

How Is a Tooth Abscess Treated?

The first concern would be to battle the infection. A patient may have to take oral antibiotics as prescribed by a doctor beforehand, especially if the patient exhibits facial and neck gland swelling or fever.

Once the infection has been taken care of, Dr. Hauser can perform the necessary dental procedures to remove the infected tissues, save the tooth and restore it to its former glory. Root canal therapy should be done to remove the decayed pulp. The abscess and part of the surrounding area should be removed to prevent secondary infection,

The restorative phase will depend on the damage to the tooth, bone and surrounding structures. Dr. Hauser prefers using CEREC restorations for damaged teeth. After, draining the area and root canal therapy, he may recommend a CEREC crown, inlay or onlay, based on the amount of damage to the tooth. A bone graft may be necessary in cases wherein, a large portion of the bone is affected.

Tooth pain should never be taken lightly. A tooth infection is a serious condition that should be treated by a seasoned dental expert, like Dr. Hauser, who has over 20 years of experience.

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after crowns are seated on both teeth and are abscess and pain free for life
after crowns are seated on both teeth and are abscess and pain free for life

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