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Dr. Hauser and his staff at Lakefront Family Dentistry would like to thank every patient that took the time to leave detailed online reviews. We take pride in serving our Riverside County community, and your feedback helps us provide better service.

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For more than 20 years, Dr. Hauser has been providing individuals and families with all of their dental care needs. From veneers to dental implants, crowns and regular cleanings, Lakefront Family Dentistry can give you the smile of your dreams! To find out why we have so many repeat visitors, Contact Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 or Make an Appointment Online Today!

Can You Trust Online Dentist Ratings?

In any business, it’s tempting to visit online review sites and leave positive feedback. But at Lakefront Family Dentistry, we believe in honest, ethical service, so you won’t find any fake evaluations about us online.

When it comes to medical treatments, it’s especially important to find a qualified professional that has successfully treated patients in the past. Online reviews can help here, but it’s important to be able to separate genuine reviews from fake or biased ones.

Here are a few tips to help:

1. Read the Profiles of Review Posters

If a person only writes reviews for one company, then they might not be genuine. Also, make sure the same person has not posted identical reviews to increase the star ratings of the business.

2. Only Use Credible Review Sites

Yelp is one of the most reliable review sites because it has a very advanced filter. If a person is not an active Yelper or they have only posted one review, then their post might not appear. Most times, those reviews are filtered.

Although this will prevent one-time reviewers from leaving a post, it also prevents companies from writing biased reviews, which makes the star rating more relevant.

3. Don’t Reference Paid Review Sites

Some sites ask dentists to pay for positive reviews. When a searcher reads the review and clicks a link to the dentists’ website, the practice is charged. Because it’s in the best interest of the website only to show positive posts, you won’t get a very accurate perspective of the business.

Why Does Dr. Hauser Have so Many Repeat Visitors?

Besides having 20 years of experience and using the latest technology, Dr. Hauser was very careful when designing his practice and hiring his staff. Patient comfort and satisfaction, as well as having a skilled team that gets along extremely well were his two biggest considerations.

Lakefront Family Dentistry offers premium, A-dec furniture. Although more expensive than traditional dentist chairs, A-dec products are far more comfortable. This is especially important to those who feel a bit anxious about dental treatments.

The staff at Lakefront Family Dentistry features three registered dental hygienists. This level of professionalism and education is what sets the practice apart.

When it comes to technology and technique, Dr. Hauser is unmatched. He is one of the few U.S. dentists that uses CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology. This allows him to complete comprehensive treatments in only one visit. Instead of taking multiple appointments and several weeks, you can receive CEREC crowns and veneers in one day!

Dr. Hauser is so renowned in the industry that he actually travels around the country, teaching others in the field how to perform complex treatments correctly. Why not visit the dentist who is leading the way in strategy and innovation?

Lakefront Family Dentistry Offers Cosmetic Treatments and Family Dentistry

Cosmetic treatments are a major part of Dr. Hauser’s practice, but he also enjoys treating families. From children to the elderly, he has the experience and expertise to personalize each treatment for the individual patient.

If you’re looking for a practice with 5-star dentist ratings in Riverside County, contact the professionals at Lakefront Family Dentistry. Visit us and find out why we have so many positive dentist reviews. Contact Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 or Make an Appointment Online Today!

Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry

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