Ceramic Restoration Gives Patients Perfect, Natural-Looking Smiles

Thanks to new medical technology and techniques, there are a number of cosmetic treatments available to patients who want a perfect, white smile. Whether you want to fix chips and cracks or you need to replace missing teeth, there’s a procedure out there that can get the job done.

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Sirona Dental Company Introduces the New Age Of Ceramic Restoration

Sirona has been a leading name in the dental industry since 1887, when it introduced the electric drill. Today, though, the company is world-renowned as a leading provider of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics technology.

CEREC allows dentists to perform crown and veneer treatments in one appointment. When it was first introduced, it was an unprecedented breakthrough because procedures that once took several visits and possibly weeks to complete became simpler and less time-consuming. With the new technology that Sirona offers, these treatments take only one appointment but still provide natural-looking, durable results.

Sirona’s biggest markets are the United States, Asia, Germany and Western Europe. But the company has markets in 135 countries, so its dental instruments are popular worldwide.

CEREC Technology Fixes a Range Of Cosmetic Dental Issues

Over the years, several materials have been used to treat cosmetic dental patients. From aluminum to gold and silver, there has been much experimentation with these materials. But after analyzing the long-term results, ceramic has been popularized as one of the strongest, most aesthetic materials available to dentists.

Now that cosmetic treatments can be completed in one visit, it has become more and more popular among patients. Today, two of the most common treatments are applying crowns and veneers.

Both of these procedures are minimally invasive, and they offer multiple benefits beyond creating a white, straight and beautiful smile. Teeth that are better aligned can improve speech and dental hygiene. While speech is improved by facilitating a more controlled flow of air out of the mouth, smoother, straighter surfaces can make brushing and flossing easier and more effective.

The Financial Benefits of New Cosmetic Technology

Because these procedures can be performed in one appointment, they are far less expensive than treatments that require several days or weeks to complete. Also, by improving oral hygiene, a patient avoids deep cleanings or root canals.

Those patients who receive same-day crowns also prevent infection by eliminating the need for temporary dental caps. In traditional crown procedures, the patient visits the dentist and the tooth is prepared to receive the crown. An off-site lab then shapes the crown, and when it’s ready, the patient returns for a permanent fitting.

While the patient waits for the lab to develop the crown, a temporary cap is applied to protect the treatment area. Unfortunately, a bacterial infection can develop under this temporary cap, which means another treatment is required to eliminate the infection. In addition to being uncomfortable, this extra procedure could cost the patient more money. But with same-day, ceramic crowns no dental cap is needed, so the risk is eliminated entirely.

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If there’s one part of being a dentist that Dr. Hauser enjoys more than cosmetic treatments, it’s helping families. From children to the elderly and everyone in between, Dr. Hauser has the experience to provide superior care for each individual patient.

His team features three registered dental hygienists, and this supporting cast sets his practice apart. This is one reason why so many of his patients have been visiting for more than a decade; there’s just no better option when it comes to quality assurance.

Cosmetic dentistry has gotten more popular in the last few years. This is in part due to society’s newfound acceptance of cosmetic treatments, and it’s also due to improved techniques. Dr. Hauser has mastered these techniques to the point where he travels the country to teach other dentists how to improve their procedures.

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