Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Custom Night Guard

They Keep Your Teeth and Jaw Safe, Too.

We live in a fast-paced world. If one were to compare school and careers of people in the old days to what we face now, one would realize that life then was so much easier. This is why stress has become a commonplace condition in people of all ages and walks of life. Luckily, night guards were invented to help save your health.

Stress and Dentistry

Stress can affect overall health and well-being, and the earliest symptoms can damage our teeth and jaw. Dr. Hauser of Lakefront Family Dentistry has over two decades of experience in the dental industry. Therefore, he has seen various stages of dental trauma caused by this seemingly harmless mental/emotional condition.

Aside from migraines and sleepless nights, stress can cause a condition known as Bruxism. This is when a patient who is under emotional or mental stress begins to gnash his or her teeth in his or her sleep. Night grinding can affect people of all ages. In fact, it is quite common in children, especially those who are nagged at home or bullied in school.

custom night guard, dr derek hauser dds
custom night guard, dr derek hauser dds

Bruxism: How it Affects the Oral Cavity

A good therapist can help patients handle external and internal stressors. However, therapy will take time, usually months or even years of continuous medication and counseling. During this period, this daily habit can inflict so much damage to the oral cavity.

“Bruxers” are usually unaware they gnash their teeth at night. However, many of them will feel fatigue during their waking hours. They may feel tooth sensitivity when consuming sweet, sour, hot and cold food or beverages.

Migraines and ear aches may become common, especially right after waking up. However, in cases wherein night grinding becomes a chronic condition, a patient will exhibit marked degradation to both the TMJ and the teeth. The occlusal surfaces will look worn down. In some cases, the cusps are even severely flattened, providing harmful microorganisms with many points of entry.

Dr. Hauser Insists on Night Guards

Night guards provide the teeth and jaw with ample cushioning, keeping them safe from further injury.  This is almost similar to the mouth guards used for sports, albeit, so much more comfortable. Yet, please note that it would be best to choose a dentist wisely when it comes to night guard fabrication.

Some dentists buy their night guards in bulk and do minor reshaping to ensure patient comfort. However, this may damage the TMJ even more and could be made out of cheap, non-hypoallergenic material.

If you reside in the Inland Empire or nearby, Lakefront Family Dentistry is known for the highest quality, custom night guards, as Dr. Hauser insists on having them custom made for each patient. This ensures comfort and proper jaw placement, so as not to add more stress to the TMJ and teeth.

Don’t let stress lay your teeth and TMJ to waste. Ensure your oral well-being by having a custom night guard made. If you think that you suffer from Bruxism, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hauser today. You can do so online or by calling Lakefront family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495.

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