Oral Surgery: The Art of Pulling Teeth While You Relax

Understanding When Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Any good dentist will tell you that they would rather exhaust all other options before pulling teeth. This is because extraction is not considered a conservative approach. Saving teeth and preventing oral disease are the primary goals of the dental service. However, tooth extraction must be considered if all conservative methods fail.

Dr. Hauser and Tooth Extraction

Dr. Hauser is not just a CEREC specialist. He is also one of the best oral surgery experts in the Inland Empire. However, like all other dentists, he believes in doing all he can to preserve a tooth before considering tooth removal, as there are many possible treatments, like root canal therapy that allow us to save non-vital teeth.

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Reasons to Consider Tooth Extraction

There are a few instances when tooth extraction is necessary. When all other options have failed, it is the job of a dentist to discuss this with him or her.

Here are a few common scenarios wherein tooth extraction is a must:

Damaged Root

A cracked crown can be easily remedied. However, a cracked or obliterated root can be hard to fix, no matter how skilled a dentist is. This can happen in cases where crowding is present.

Failed Re-implantation

In cases when a tooth is dislodged due to trauma, every dentist will try to reimplant it. However, due to lifestyle, medical history and other contributing factors, most reimplanted teeth have a low rate of survival. Therefore, there is a chance that it will be rejected by the bone and tissue.

Impacted Teeth

Some types of impaction are easily remedied. However, horizontal and distal impactions are more complex. Dr. Hauser explains that complex impactions threaten the jaw bone and the adjacent second molar. Thus, an impacted wisdom tooth must go.

Baby Teeth That Refuse To Fall Out

Some people have well-anchored dentition, which is a blessing during adulthood but a source of annoyance when baby teeth are concerned. If your temporary teeth refuse to come off, dental extraction is necessary.

Understanding the Risks of Extraction

Dr. Hauser is a CEREC specialist and no stranger to extractions. He believes in addressing the issue based on the risks involved. If the teeth do not pose a threat to the health of a patient, occlusion or to other teeth, it would be best if they remained. However, once they become a threat, they should be dealt with right away.

There are risks involved with regard to extraction, just like any other dental procedure. However, the risk percentage lessens considerably if the procedure is performed by an expert. This explains why thousands of patients only see Dr. Hauser, who performs necessary extractions.

Pulling teeth should only be done when there is no other option. If you require tooth extraction and want to have the procedure done by a trusted Inland Empire expert, please call Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 or schedule your appointment using the form through the button below.

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