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Lakefront Family Dentistry Accepts Dental Financing

Aesthetics play such an important role in our daily lives. That is why many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, but they cringe at the thought of costs for critical dental procedures to remove periodontal disease treatment and get rid of an abscess through a potentially required root canal or extraction.

Why would Botox or fillers and other cosmetic procedures be all right to finance, but millions flinch at the thought of spending even a portion of that amount on their oral health?

The Importance of Dental Health

Our teeth are not merely there for adornment purposes. Each of our “pearly whites” comes with a purpose. This is why Dr. Hauser urges his patients to take better care of their teeth. Any slight pain or discomfort is a warning sign that something is amiss and should be taken seriously.

With over 20 years in the field of dentistry, Dr. Hauser has noticed that most patients wait until the discomfort has reached unbearable proportions before seeking dental treatment. This sometimes means the tooth is beyond saving once the patient reaches his office.

Dr. Hauser tells his patients it is not wise to delay dental treatment for health reasons.  Nipping the problem in the bud is also easier on the patient’s pocket.

“I’m Too Broke for Dental Treatment”

Many people would rather delay dental care because they consider this a luxury they cannot afford. However, these people are usually armed with the latest smartphone and have enough money for an occasional night out.

Dental treatment is not exclusively for middle-class to elite people. In fact, Dr. Hauser believes it should be considered a basic need. This is because the health of the oral cavity can affect the well-being of the whole body. Therefore, the mouth is just as important as the cardiac, pulmonary or gastrointestinal system.

dental financing options with care credit springstone

The Dangers of Low Cost Dentistry

Another important concern everyone should address is the growing trend where patients search for the cheapest dentist in their area. Please note that your health should be considered over the price tag. This puts patients in danger, as many low-cost practices use sub-standard equipment and may hire unlicensed personnel to maintain their dirt-cheap rates.

Dentistry is a medical sub-specialty. Therefore, a dentist spends four years in college, then goes on to spend an average of four more years to become a dentist going to medical school. After taking the dental exams and becoming certified, a dentist usually works for other dental practices to gain experience, and then takes out a substantial loan to start his or her practice. In this field, a patient will get what he or she pays for. This is exactly why it would be best to seek dental treatment from an expert, without making the first criteria “cheap dental care.”

Outside Financing Can Help

Insurance will usually cover a meager $1,000 to 1,500 a year for dental treatment. Aside from that, the insurance company has to approve of the type of treatment. Please note that many restorative options are not covered by insurance.

If a patient feels that he or she is unable to pay for the full treatment out of pocket, Lakefront Dentistry does accept outside financing options. The Patient Coordinators will educate you with the options best for your course of treatment after meeting with Dr. Hauser for a consultation.

Instead of delaying dental treatment or opting for a dentist with less experience, a patient can have the benefit of high-quality treatment options Lakefront Family Dentistry offers, thanks to outside financing with Care Credit or Springstone/Lending Club Patient Solutions.

If you live in the Southern California and are in need of high-quality dental care and want to know more about outside financing with Care Credit or Springstone, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hauser at Lakefront Family Dentistry today. You can do this online or you can call (951) 244-9495 today. Your best oral health options are just a click away!

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