Dr. Hauser: Night Guard Teeth Grinding Expert

Most of us falter under loads of stress on a daily basis. There are a million things we worry about–bills, school, work, relationships and everything else in between. This can lead to a nasty habit called Bruxism, which will require therapy to correct. Luckily, there are custom night guards to keep our teeth safe at night despite the daily stress we go through.

Bruxism Explained

Otherwise called teeth gnashing, Bruxism is a condition that affects people who are under tons of stress due to emotional or psychological factors. Dr. Hauser tells patients to search for “night guard teeth grinding” on any search engine to see how this brilliant device can act as a cushion to protect the teeth and TMJ in people who suffer from stress.

Dr. Hauser tells his patients that the enamel is not as resilient as we might think it is. If one were to gnash his or her teeth for a few minutes that would not cause too much damage. However, if one gnashed overnight for an extended period of time, that would be a different story altogether.

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Temporomandibular (TMJ) Jaw Pain

How Bruxism Affects Our Teeth and TMJ

Enamel can break down with repeated abuse. If we factor in a highly acidic diet into the equation, that would be an obvious recipe for disaster. Sadly, many people who suffer from Bruxism are not aware of it until the later stages.

Common signs of night gnashing include feeling tired throughout the day, pain in the temporomandibular region, sensitive or heavily abraded teeth and head and/or neck pain as well. This might seem like the onset of a migraine or sinusitis attack to people who are yet to experience tooth sensitivity.

Over time, the teeth will wear down. They will lose their cusps and ridges. Fracture lines will begin to show and the occlusal areas will feel grainy if one ran his or her tongue over them. The temporomandibular area may start to feel painful, lose and even displaced. A popping sound may be heard when one opens or closes his or her mouth.

Night Guards: Protecting Teeth and TMJ

Night guards resemble sports mouth guards, albeit they are much more comfortable. Cheap, over-the-counter night guard solutions make the problem worse.  They do not fit properly, so you can end up with more health problems. This is why Dr. Hauser prefers to each one custom made at a special laboratory.

This is done to ensure the perfect fit and prevent them from slipping and sliding as a patients gnashes in his or her sleep. A perfectly fitted night guard will stay in place despite the abuse. It will provide the TMJ with a comfortable and relaxed position to prevent further damage.

If you gnash and grind your teeth as you sleep, night guards are a must. Lakefront Family Dentistry provides their patients with laboratory-made ones to ensure the best fit possible and ensure patient comfort.

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