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A root canal deals with the pulp, which is the inner chamber of the tooth. Many people are unaware that each tooth has a complex network found within. In fact, some people think that the outer portion looks the same as what is found inside.

Dr. Hauser never performs any endodontic treatment without a brief explanation of the tooth’s anatomy and they treatment option to be used. He believes that it is important to educate each patient. Armed with more knowledge regarding the intricate network found within each tooth, the patient would learn to take better care of them.

A Look inside the Tooth

The enamel is merely the outer covering of the tooth. It is followed by the dentin, which is yellowish and more porous, containing dentinal tubules that connect it to the pulp. The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth. Please note that it has a complex network of blood vessels and even nerves.tooth decay without fluoride use

The thickness of the enamel and dentin of a patient will vary. It would be best to remember that genetics plays a role in this. Some people may suffer from predisposed conditions wherein the enamel and/or dentin is thinner than average.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Dr. Hauser tells his patients that root canal therapy is better than dental implants, if the tooth can be saved. The treatment is necessary in cases where there are cracks on the tooth, deep caries, presence of trauma and even infection.

Root canal therapy is considered a conservative measure, as it allows dentists to preserve the natural tooth, despite the removal of the pulp. Therefore, it should be considered before dental implants.

Dr. Hauser reminds his patients to treat tooth pain and sensitivity as a cause for concern. Sensitivity and pain are signs that the patient’s enamel and/or dentin are too thin. This could signify the presence of cysts, cracks or caries. Once the dentin has been breached, Dr. Hauser informs the patient that the only way to save the natural tooth is through RCT.

Is There A Chance of Failure?

Dr. Hauser uses the latest equipment in all his procedures. He makes sure he can access each root. This helps prevent infection, which would happen if any pulp is left within the canals or chamber.

Despite the advanced equipment Dr. Hauser has, there is always a chance of root canal therapy failure. This can happen if a patient uses the newly restored tooth to chew hard food or doesn’t take great care of their oral health. It may occur if a patient smokes or even in cases where malocclusion is present. This is why it would be wise to follow the post-procedure instructions.

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