The Hybridge Option: Implants for Dentures

A Denture Implant to Keep Your Teeth in Place

No one wants to lose their teeth, as we all dread what wearing dentures would feel like and how we might have to hoard denture paste to prevent embarrassing mishaps at social gatherings. The best thing to do is opt for a durable and sturdy alternative to solve our complete or partial lack of dentition, like implants for dentures, to solve tooth loss.

Dr. Hauser is a CEREC specialist and cosmetic dentistry expert. He knows hybrid implants for denture wearers can provide older patients who are poor implant candidates with a fixed option that will improve their self-esteem and oral health.

What Is The Hybridge Denture?

This is a cross between regular dentures and implants, hence the term used to describe this device. This cosmetic prosthesis is perfect for people who have lost a lot of jawbone density but want a fixed apparatus.  It is also aesthetically appealing as the pink acrylic base blends almost seamlessly with the gums.

While it can be used to replace a single tooth, it is mostly recommended for cases wherein a quadrant or two are devoid of teeth. In that case, a patient will require 4 to 6 implants as anchorage. This will provide a solid base and proper retention while it keeps the stress balanced. This will prevent rocking, which may loosen the apparatus or damage the jawbone.

What Sets the Denture Implant Apart from Regular Dental Implants?

As mentioned previously, people who have been told they are not eligible for implants may consider the hybrid denture instead. This procedure sets it apart because it utilizes the bone present to act as a base. However, please note that a person with a large amount of bone loss may require a bone graft before the procedure can be performed.

If a bone graft is necessary, a patient must delay the procedure for a few months after the graft. This will give the bone time to fuse and heal. This is important because weak bone cannot support the denture implant effectively.

Are There Tests to Check For Jawbone Density?

Dr. Hauser will start with a visual inspection of the area. Palpation may be necessary to feel the bone below. If the ridge seems lower than it should be, he may perform a dental CT scan to identify available osseous material. If a major portion is resorbed, he will recommend a bone graft to ensure the stability of the implants.

Dr. Hauser understands that although dentures are comfortable, many older individuals would prefer a prosthesis that will stay in place and does not have to be removed at night. This is why he recommends the hybrid denture to most of his older patients, especially those who have lost all or most of their teeth, as it is a comfortable and resilient option.

The hybrid implants for dentures are better than the common denture because it allows the patient to socialize without the fear of denture slippage. For more information about this new prosthesis or inquiries about CEREC and other procedures, please call Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495.

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