Treatment Options for Teeth Gaps

Anna Paquin, Madonna, Vanessa Paradis and Elijah Wood share something in common—front teeth gap. People with the same condition can at least say that they are in good company. However, while this can look rather endearing on most people, teeth gaps can cause speech problems. Therefore, they should be treated.

What Causes Teeth Gaps?

This is also called a diastema, and most commonly manifests between the two upper central incisors. This occurs when teeth are too small for the jaw bone or if there are missing teeth (usually anteriors). However, please note that gaps can occur in other areas as well.

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Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at his well-known private practice–Lakefront Family Dentistry, has treated thousands of patients over the past 20 years, many with a tooth gap. He uses the latest CEREC dental technology to fix these teeth gaps permanently. This technology matches your surrounding teeth color and lasts for 10-20 years, depending upon one’s oral health care regime. In just one visit, patients walk out with a new smile and love the results! Call (951) 244-9495 or Make an Appointment Online Today.

They can develop due to oral habits, like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. This is why it is important to correct these habits as soon as possible, without adding additional stress to the child.

A person who has a large labial frenum will usually have front teeth gap as well. This is a tissue that is found inside the upper lip and extends towards the gum between the central incisors. In some cases, it may continue to grow and pass between both front teeth, causing the gap.

Lastly, the tooth gap may develop later in life because of periodontal disease. Please note that the gums will be swollen and uncomfortable. The inflammation will cause teeth to drift away from each other and cause gaps to develop.

Can Teeth Gap Be Prevented?

Brush and floss daily to prevent periodontal disease. This will keep the gums, teeth and underlying bone healthy. You may also consider getting your bi-annual cleanings done by the skilled hygienists at Lakefront Family Dentistry, since they are famous for removing debris from places you might have missed.

If you have a child who enjoys thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, slowly help him or her get rid of the habit.Sadly, not all cases of tooth gaps can be prevented, especially those that are genetic in origin.

Dr. Hauser Treats Teeth Gaps

There are many ways to correct a tooth gap. However, the treatment should be done well so as to avoid harming the dentition in the process.

Labial frenectomy is a surgical process which is done to reduce the size of the frenulum. This is an outpatient procedure and require nothing more than a local anesthetic. Please note that orthodontic treatment will be necessary to fix the gap when the area heals.

Periodontal treatment will be necessary if the gap is caused by gum disease. Please note that this will take time to correct, as the bones, supporting ligaments and gums will need time to heal.

Dental bonding is an option. This is where the gap is filled with composite resin material the same color as the natural teeth. However, this is not a permanent solution, as it could get dislodged over time.

CEREC veneers are an option, if you want a long-term solution to the problem. Dr. Hauser is a CEREC restoration specialist and he suggests this approach over dental bonding. The results are aesthetically pleasing and will last for at least 10 to 25 years.

Invisalign is an option Dr. Hauser will discuss with you as well. This involves the use of clear aligners and allows you to keep your natural teeth as they are. Please note that tooth gap treatment will be a slow process, as the dentist has to move all the other teeth to correct the condition.

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Avoid speech problems and possible tooth decay by getting your front teeth gap fixed by an expert. Call Lakefront Family Dentistry today at (951) 244-9495 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Hauser.

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