Does Your Breath Stink?

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Most People Don’t Even Know They Have Bad Breath

When you wake in the morning and have a bad taste in your mouth, it’s not your imagination. If someone is next to you and you start talking closely to them, they can smell the bad breath emanating from your mouth.

Why Do We Have Bad Breath?

Hopefully, each person brushes and flosses right before going to bed. Yet, when they wake up, their breath tastes gross. One of the reasons is from teeth grinding, which causes many problems to the oral cavity long term.

You can wear down your teeth, fracture them and hurt your gums and bone. Getting a custom fitted night guard from Lakefront Family Dentistry will help alleviate so many oral health issues, and you’ll wake up with better tasting and smelling breath.

The down-side of not getting a custom night guard means expensive dental treatment later on. Fractures teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay, and if it’s left untreated, it could lead to a patient requiring a root canal due to an infection or abscess.

One night guard can save your teeth, reduce bad breath and keep money in the bank for the future. It’s a serious issue most people ignore and don’t think it can happen to them, yet it does every single day. See Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, and let him evaluate your oral health and determine if the teeth you have need special care.

Gum Infection and Periodontitis Treatment with Professional Teeth Cleaning
Eroding Gum Line with Severe Plaque Buildup Causes Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease. Professional Treatment is Required.

How Bad is Smoking Really to My Mouth?

Bad breath is one small reason to quit smoking, however, there are more serious reasons. Not only does smoking cause teeth to become stained and yellow, where professional treatment takes longer to work and might not get teeth back to their original color—it causes damage to your gum tissue.

If gums are damaged, infected, inflamed, red, hurt and recede, make an appointment with Dr. Hauser immediately. Do not delay, because plaque and tartar lead to gum disease. Millions of smokers have gingivitis and periodontitis, which doesn’t go away on its own.

Get Evaluated Right Away—Don’t Delay

Come in for an oral evaluation right away. Lakefront Family Dentistry has treated thousands of patients, many with gum disease and they didn’t even know they had it. Sometimes there are no obvious signs or symptoms. However, if you notice more tooth showing and less gums, then there’s an excellent change gum disease is present and treatment is required.

Dentists have a tool to measure the pockets of your gum line. There is a small, acceptable amount of space as we get older, but most people have lost too much of their gum line. That’s when one of three highly trained and experienced, registered dental hygienists at Dr. Hauser’s private practice can help turn this disease around and save your teeth, as well as prevent bone loss.

Having a bi-annual dental checkup is critical to not only a person’s oral health, but their overall health, too. It’s a known fact that gum disease and periodontitis can cause heart disease. Why risk your life when a couple dentist appointments each year could improve your chances of living longer?

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