Fluoride Won’t Melt Your Brain—We Promise

The Benefits of Fluoride

Most of us get health news updates through social media platforms. This can range from the latest celebrity gossip to health news. Strangely enough, many people have become so gullible. It is almost as though they believe that everything their friends share is scientifically proven.

Dr. Hauser has noticed that many people would rather avoid fluoride treatments. This is quite unfortunate, as fluoride is one of the best preventative substances in the battle against tooth decay.

tooth decay without fluoride use

What Does Fluoride Do?

Most regular toothpaste has fluoride because it serves an important purpose with regard to our oral health. The ADA advocates the use of fluoride because scientists have done more than enough research to prove that it is safe to use on the oral cavity and it may be ingested, albeit in small amounts.

Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens the enamel. This substance is found naturally in rocks. On the cellular level, the outer layer of a tooth is composed of hydroxyapatite crystals. If fluoride is introduced to it, it would form a bond with this substance, turning the hydroxyapatite into hydroxy-fluorapatite, making it stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Water Fluoridation

Yes, fluoride is found in tap water as well. Roughly two-thirds of the country has fluoride in their water. However, please note that only a small amount is used. In fact, the government makes sure to analyze the fluoride content of the water supply in an area before adding any into the water.

This has been done for over 40 years, and it has played a significant role in strengthening the teeth of people all over the country. Studies show that the incidence of tooth decay has decreased by a drastic 68%!

Dr. Hauser’s Fluoride Treatments

Dr. Hauser uses fluoride treatments on young children who have just gotten their permanent teeth. He takes every precaution in his practice to ensure the safety of all patients, including children. This is done to prepare the newly-erupted teeth for the long and often tiring journey ahead.

There will be so much food to chew and even occasional bouts of gnashing in the future, especially once the child enters their teenage years. This is why Dr. Hauser knows fluoride treatments are a must, especially for children whose parents have a history of weak enamel and tooth loss.

Is Fluoride Dangerous?

In 2011, a U.S. study was performed to determine if there was truly a link between fluoride and bone cancer. The project was approved by the National Cancer Institute. This is considered one of the most thorough studies, as they actually examined the fluoride levels in bone samples. This study proved that fluoride is not a cancer-causing substance.

fluoride is important for your teeth

Protect your child’s permanent teeth with fluoride today, before cavities have a chance to begin. If you live in the Inland Empire, reach out and make an appointment online with Lakefront Family Dentistry or call at (951) 244-9495.

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