CEREC Dentist and Digital Dentistry Means You Get the Best Smile Technology Offers

Find CEREC Dentist Locations with the Most Experienced Dentists

A qualified CEREC dentist with over 10 years of experience is not easy to find. Only 7.5 percent of dentists use CEREC technology in the USA, and it’s so new to many dentists, it takes years of experience to make your beautiful new teeth perfect at their practice while you wait.

Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, has over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry, and over 10 years using CEREC. Would you prefer to find a CEREC dentist that’s new to CEREC, or a dental practitioner that is extremely skilled to make your CEREC dental crows or veneers?

What exactly is CEREC?

Check out our CEREC video and see how easily we make your custom smile right at our office while you wait.

Digital Dentistry

A CEREC dentist uses digital dentistry and owns an in-house lab, where your high-grade porcelain teeth are made in a matter of minutes. This saves you precious time so you can get back home or to work, rather than come back for numerous visits and wait weeks for your new teeth to be made.

Digital x-rays

Remember the days of old-school x-rays, where you’d worry about the high doses of radiation for you and your children? You can feel better knowing you receive the best quality images at Lakefront Family Dentistry with the lowest measure using improved technology. This means immediate results within seconds (no more waiting 10-15 minutes or longer for those plastic x-rays that have to be taken over sometimes) and clearer pictures.

Time, safety and quality products and services are the core principles of practice. We guarantee our patients will be happy with their new smile and team of experts who help you feel at ease while having a great time during your visits. Many of our patients who previously had a fear of going to their local dentist now enjoy coming to their appointments!

We Deliver a Better Experience

It’s all about you. Have you ever searched for a local dentist and made an appointment with hesitation because your questions weren’t answered fully, or you didn’t get a “good vibe” from the person you spoke with? Our team of professionals actually love their job and consider our patients an extension of our family at Lakefront Family Dentistry. After all, it’s you that makes our practice successful, so your experience and happiness is our top priority.

Be prepared to meet a dentist like no other, because Dr. Hauser enjoys making his patience laugh and relax. You can ask him any questions you like, and he will answer them with great care and thoughtfulness so you understand his recommendations based on your individual needs.

Our patient coordinators, Jodi and Carla have been with Dr. Hauser for years. They will help you with any insurance questions, paperwork, or just put your mind at ease about your treatment plan. Give them a call during working hours and they will be happy to help.

One of only three Registered Dental Assistants in Extended Function, Expanded Duties Level II, Patti is Dr. Hauser’s right-hand expert in making sure your experience is enhanced further than other practices. Her skill sets and mannerisms are “just the right touch” that makes patients come back with a smile!

Suzi is our expert Dental Assistant with an amazing smile and personality that puts you at ease while she works with Dr. Hauser and Patti. Our team is cohesive and happy, which transfers to our patients each and every day. That’s important to Lakefront Family Dentistry and our standards are quite high.

Having an extremely experienced CEREC dentist isn’t the only reason to become a patient. We’ve got three highly qualified registered dental hygienists who take care of thousands of our patients’ oral health. So many of our patients actually fall asleep in our comfortable A-dec chairs and come back two or more times a year because their experience is so enjoyable when getting a professional teeth cleaning.

Find a CEREC Dentist

If you search a local dentist, find a CEREC dentist like Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS. As a Lake Elsinore dentist with the latest, most advanced facility and on-site lab and team that loves to work here, you know you’ll be treated well because we want you coming back for years to come. Just give us a call at (951) 244-9495 or feel free to Make an Appointment Online today.

CEREC Dentist Dr. Derek Hauser and Staff at Lakefront Family Dentistry
Dr. Derek Hauser and Staff at Lakefront Family Dentistry
Meet Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, and his Amazing Staff at Lakefront Family Dentistry, Serving All of Riverside County, CA.

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