Find an Experienced CEREC Dentist to Get The Smile and Confidence That Lasts Forever

Do You Know What CEREC is and How it Saves You Time and Money for Years to Come?

Only 7.5% of dentists in the United States use CEREC technology. Make sure and choose a dentist that has advanced experience using this amazing lab system right in their own practice. Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, has been using CEREC for over 10 years with amazing success for his satisfied patients.

What CEREC  is Not

We have all seen it; people that have chunky, thick teeth. It almost looks like they are wearing something over their natural teeth. That’s the sign of an inexperienced dentist using old technology on patients. The dentist takes a mold of the patient’s tooth or teeth and sends it to the lab, which takes weeks to make a crown or veneer. The result is an overlay on top of a partial tooth that is too thick and doesn’t look natural.


With the most advanced technology, CEREC transforms smiles in hours, not weeks. You can expect only one or two visits at Lakefront Family Dentistry to gain a healthier, happier, whiter smile that looks natural. No one would ever think they aren’t the teeth you were born with. Current teeth are sculpted so the new teeth will fit in the same exact place and position of the other teeth.

If your teeth are shaped poorly, Dr. Hauser will sculpt your current teeth and make new ones that fill in missing gaps, spaces and malformed teeth. If your teeth are aligned properly, there is no need for braces, and in a matter of hours, you will walk out with a whiter, brighter, better looking smile for less!

Digital Dentistry

Our patients have innovative solutions at their fingertips with a family dentist who has treated thousands of extremely happy and satisfied patients for over 20 years. 3D Digital imaging means you are not subjected to radiation when your new teeth are made while you wait. CEREC chairside solutions are one visit, so you don’t have to worry about taking more time off from work, sitting in traffic, or missing time with family.

Safer Implants with CEREC

Antiquated dental technology and implants means more risk than patients who benefit from using Integrated Implantology. Dr. Hauser combines the CEREC digital impressions and computer aided design  and diagnostic tools  so you receive true integrated implantology. If you’re looking for implants now or in the future, relax, knowing technology and Dr. Hauser’s experience will achieve the strongest, safest implants for your oral health.

Hygiene System

Using only the best hygiene solutions and sterilization, Lakefront Family Dentistry exceeds health and safety standards for patients. All instruments are sterilized and vacuumed sealed, and our facility uses all the latest dental technology. This means patients receive the latest, most effective, safest solutions for themselves and family members.

Tooth Product and Material

Every tooth is made stronger and more durable than crowns or veneers made with the old-style sent out to labs that takes weeks to make, while you wear an uncomfortable plastic version of a real tooth. Dr. Hauser uses only the best material for your teeth, so it withstands years of chewing and eating all kinds of food and beverages.

Rest assured CEREC Blocs are the strongest, most comfortable crowns and veneers you will find. The CEREC technology takes the correct color match for your smile and durable material made into CERC Blocs are placed into the CEREC machine, which actually makes the perfect tooth that fits your bite. Lakefront Family Dentistry’s motto is to make sure all patients are 100% satisfied with their new smile!

Our Patients

Private practice cosmetic dentists like Dr. Hauser take pride in their work and patient satisfaction. Just take a look at only a few of the testimonials on our site and see what they have to say. If you have more questions, just give us a call during business hours at (951) 244-9495 or make an appointment online today. We look forward to increasing your confidence and helping to make your smile brighter for a lifetime!

Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry
Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry Has Over 10 Years’ Experience Using the Latest CEREC Technology

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