Decaying Tooth Could Mean a Root Canal if You Wait

People are busy; this is something that won’t change. Parents work hard and they juggle getting kids off to school and coming home to take care of dinner and household chores. Single parents are even busier, so the last thing anyone thinks of is a dental cavity.

In most cases, people don’t even know they have a decaying tooth that needs attention—until it’s too late. That’s why making bi-annual dental appointments for a professional dental cleaning is critical to saving money year after year.

A child normally doesn’t know anything is wrong with a tooth or many teeth until “it hurts.” By that time, tooth decay removal, reshaping the tooth and adding a white tooth filling is required. Worst case scenario means antibiotics and a potential root canal is needed.

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CEREC Before and After Crowns

Well-known in Riverside County, also known as the Inland Empire, as the leading cosmetic dentist and general dentist, his 2,000 plus patients voted him the best dentist for singles and families with children!

Dr. Hauser continually researches and purchases the latest dental equipment, including the newest Sirona Otrhophos XG 3D CT Imaging machine for dental x-rays. It has the all-time lowest amount of radiation, which is so negligible; it’s the safest one for you and your entire family.

He invests in all on-site CEREC cosmetic dental laboratory equipment, so new crowns and veneers are made while patients wait. Stop wasting countless visits to get beautiful teeth, because CEREC makes them perfect and matches your own tooth color in minutes.

If tooth decay is found during a routine teeth cleaning, that usually means all a patient needs is a simple white tooth filling. If Dr. Hauser’s schedule permits, he can fill it during the same visit. 20 years of experience means even a tooth filling will be made to match surrounding teeth exactly.

No one even notices a filling has been made, and dental decay is gone. When a tooth is saved, your oral bone structure is saved long term. As we get older and lose teeth from poor oral hygiene, receding gums, gum disease and periodontal disease, the bone deteriorates in the jaw.

Don’t let poor oral management and “no time for the dentist” catch up with your wallet and health. Statistically, tooth decay, plaque and tartar buildup that lead to periodontitis can contribute to heart attacks.

Making an appointment for professional teeth cleaning twice a year with one of Dr. Hauser’s highly acclaimed three registered dental hygienists means your chance of heart disease due to oral health issues is reduced by up to 48 percent!

When you come in for a dental hygiene appointment, Dr. Hauser likes to check in with his patients and take a look to make sure everything looks great inside your oral cavity, too.  If he finds you need tooth cavity treatment, know you are in great hands with Dr. Hauser and his hand-picked team of assistants.

white tooth filling
Before and After Dental Cavities Replaced with White Tooth Filling

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