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Research shows a direct link between teeth cleaning and the risk of a stroke or heart attack. The links, although not fully understood, show a definite connection between oral health and other biological systems, such as the cardiovascular system. To avoid the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, you should visit your dentist at least twice each year for a professional cleaning.

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Choose Your Toothpaste Carefully

Aside from visiting a Corona cosmetic dentist for regular cleanings, patients should also check out the toothpaste they use at home. The best way to figure out what’s right for you is to ask a dentist or dental hygienist for recommendations.

After consulting a dental professional, patients should find a toothpaste brand that addresses their specific oral-health needs. For example, if a patient suffers from excess tartar, toothpaste that features “tartar control” properties may be ideal. Also, make sure the toothpaste been awarded the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

In order for a product to receive the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance, it must meet ADA standards for effectiveness and safety. The marketing and packaging claims must also be scientifically supported.

The Seal of Acceptance indicates that the toothpaste is effective at combatting both bacteria and plaque buildup. The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque due to its warm, moist environment. Plaque is sticky and thin, and deposits usually form hard tar if left untreated, which cannot be removed by brushing alone.

Fluoride is another key ingredient in toothpaste. This compound prevents cavities, and the ADA recommends using fluoride toothpaste paired with a fluoride mouth rinse for the best results. However, children who are 6 years old or younger should not use fluoride rinse.

Personal preference is also relevant when choosing the right toothpaste. Some patients have particular tastes. Paste or gel, spearmint or wintergreen—all work alike. If certain ingredients become irritating to the cheeks, teeth or lips, toothpaste for sensitive teeth could be a smart option.

Selecting the Right Toothbrush

The bristles of a toothbrush mean a lot when choosing the right brush design. Dentists generally recommend soft-bristle toothbrushes, especially for patients with sensitive gums or teeth. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Hauser recommends the Sonicare brand to most patients.

The head size of a toothbrush should also be taken into account. Try to find a head size that fits into the mouth easily and can brush two teeth simultaneously. Keeping this in mind, you should be sure to purchase a small-headed toothbrush for infants or young children.

Toothbrushes should be replaced at least every three months, or earlier if the bristles start to look frayed or worn down. Bristles that spread out are a sign that it is time to replace your toothbrush.

Why You Should See Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS

Lakefront Family Dentistry offers the best dental care possible. Three registered hygienists and the highly trained Dr. Hauser work together to make sure patients receive superior treatment in a comfortable, anxiety-free setting.

During your appointment at Lakefront Family Dentistry, a highly skilled hygienist will complete a thorough teeth cleaning with state-of-the-art tools designed for removing tartar deposits from around the gum line and the tooth enamel. If tartar is not professionally removed, the gums may become inflamed, and a more serious problem can develop, such as gingivitis or a serious gum infection.

At Dr. Hauser’s office you can expect to:

  • Arrive at a plush, state-of-the-art facility
  • Have the ability to visit the exact same dentist each time
  • Have the option to undergo cosmetic treatments
  • Be greeted by a knowledgeable, friendly staff
  • Enjoy overall patient satisfaction every visit, guaranteed

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