Meet Lakefront Family Dentistry’s Therapy Dog

Let Stella Help You Get Over Your Dental Fears

Phobias are part of the human experience. Each person has something they would wish to avoid as much as possible. Sadly, many people are afraid of dental treatment. This may be due to a dental trauma during childhood or just a fear of the unknown.

Dr. Hauser understands these fears and has a very special girl he’d like everyone to meet, and her name is Stella. She’s a therapy dog and has already helped hundreds of patients at Lakefront Family Dentistry get over their fear of coming in to the dentist!

Stella Therapy Dog Registered Service Dog

Understanding Dental Phobias

Dr. Hauser is a dental expert who has over 20 years of experience in this field of work. Needless to say, he has come across and successfully treated many individuals despite their dental fears. He believes it would be best to eradicate the stress or worry before the procedure begins, as well as during the visit.

Before discussing dog therapy, one has to understand dentophobia, which is the fear of dentists. This is not a new kind of phobia. In fact, it is one of the most common phobias that affect people of all ages.

According to Dr. Hauser, there are many factors that contribute to dental phobias. Some people have unfortunately undergone dental treatments with inexperienced or insensitive dentists. This will make him or her less receptive to the thought of future treatments, especially if the experience was quite harrowing.

There are others who have never had a certain type (or any type) of dental treatment before. If they were to overhear people they know recount scary tales of dental visits gone wrong, they may also fear going to the dentist.

Children and Dental Fears

Children are in a league of their own when it comes to dental compliance. This is why he implements the use of the TSD (Tell-Show-Do) Technique during the child’s first few visits. He also urges parents to avoid using dental treatment as a threat when a child behaves badly at home. This will instill unfounded fear in the child, which may make it harder to treat him or her in the future.

What Is a Therapy Dog?

Animal lovers are flocking to Dr. Hauser’s private practice because of Stella, who is Lakefront Family Dentistry’s own furry celebrity. This beautiful black Labrador Retriever is a therapy dog with ongoing training who comforts the patients and keeps the children relaxed and entertained . This means that she is well trained to work with anyone afraid of dental treatments or those who are generally more anxious than others.

Dog therapy is a relatively new psychological treatment. Dogs by nature are receptive to warm hugs, cuddle time and rough housing, making them great companions for people who are under a great deal of stress. In fact, many offices, hospitals, prisons and private practices have furry friends to help people relax.

Stella and Patients at Lakefront Family Dentistry

Not every dog can be a dental therapy dog. He or she should not be startled by loud sounds and be able to withstand rough handling (especially when kids are involved). Therefore, a dog’s temperament should be the most important consideration. Stella has the most amazing, kind, loving personality and puts children and adults at ease every single day.

If you require dental treatment, have dentophobia and enjoy being around dogs, visit Stella at Lakefront Family Dentistry. Her sunny demeanor will help put you at ease and make you more receptive to dental treatments. To schedule an appointment, please go online or call (951) 244-9495 to find out when Stella the Therapy Dog is available.

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