Why Colgate Peroxyl and BreathRX are His Top Picks

When it comes to oral health, we all know that the dentist can only do so much. To be quite honest, dentists are always thinking about their patients’ oral health, even when they are not at work. During the period in between visits, they hope each patient brushes, flosses and uses a dentist recommended mouthwash twice daily to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Dr. Hauser Wants You to Keep Your Mouth Clean

Dr. Hauser of Lakefront Family Dentistry is the type of dentist who cares about his patients and thinks of ways to help improve their oral health when he cannot be there. He believes that home oral care should be as thorough as possible to prevent possible tooth and soft tissue diseases. While he would love to brush and floss your teeth for each of his patients daily, he realizes that is impossible to do.

Dr. Hauser has dedicated a great portion of his life mastering the art of dentistry. Thus, he takes each case personally and puts his patient’s oral health on a pedestal. This is why he hopes all his patients will do their part to ensure their oral health with proper home maintenance.


What Does Mouthwash Do?

Mouthwash is ideally used twice daily after brushing and flossing. This solution acts as a disinfectant to kill any unwanted microorganisms in the oral cavity and helps keep our breath fresh throughout the day. However, please note that not all mouthwashes available in the market today are effective, let alone healthy. There are only a few that are mild enough for daily use.

Colgate Peroxyl and BreathRX

Not every “dentist-recommended” mouthwash you see on TV is actually recommended by dental practitioners. In fact, some dental practitioners are paid to advertise products that may not perform as they say.

Dr. Hauser is very picky when it comes to choosing a mouthwash for his patients because he wants to make sure they do not contain anything that may prove harmful to the dentition and gums.

Here are his top picks:

  • Colgate Peroxyl

This is a debriding agent and a wound cleanser that Dr. Hauser swears by. It features an oxygenating action that removes oral debris and is alcohol-free as well. Therefore, it will not cause xerostomia or dry mouth, making it ideal for anyone who has a sensitive oral cavity. It helps soothe canker sores, gum inflamation, toothbrush abrasions and cheek bites.

  • BreathRX

BreathRx is a dual-action formula that works at eliminating bad breath using two steps. It prevents plaque, which goes hand in hand with volatile sulfur compound formation and contains zinc which neutralizes VSCs all day. It is alcohol-free, which protects the mouth from xerostomia, which can lead to cavity formation.

Dr. Hauser picked these mouthwashes himself because he is concerned about every aspect of his patients’ dental health. These products are pocket-friendly and can be found at most local drugstores.

However, please remember that oral health is more than just using a dentist recommended mouthwash. It is important to get one’s teeth checked regularly. You can schedule an appointment online with Dr. Hauser or call Lakefront Dentistry at (951) 244-9495.

Here’s to healthier, whiter, fresher breath, teeth and gums!

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