Are Digital X-Rays Dangerous?

Every time a patient goes to the doctor and needs an x-ray, there is a fear of too much radiation, especially if there is a need to go back for multiple body x rays over a short period of time. The “old school” x-rays used to emit much more radiation at the hospital than they do today, but there is still a risk of having too many.

What’s the Difference Between Teeth X Rays and Body X-Rays?

A larger portion of dentists across America no longer use the old school type of x-ray equipment. If they do, it’s probably safe to assume their dental equipment is outdated and they also send crowns and veneers out to a laboratory, which normally has a two-week turnaround time.

This means patients are actually subject to higher amounts of oral radiation than the newer, digital dental xrays used today. Lakefront Family Dentistry has been using digital x-rays for years, which means there is a miniscule amount of radiation—almost negligible for patients.

Upgraded Digital X-Ray Sensors at Lakefront Family Dentistry

What’s even better than a dentist using digital x-rays—finding an advanced general and cosmetic dentist who just upgraded his entire private practice with the latest Schick 33 digital x-ray sensors from Sirona.

Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, takes patient safety seriously and uses the best and latest dental equipment to ensure patients receive even less radiation with higher resolution images on patients’ bitewing, periapical, and panoramic x-rays at his office.

Even if a patient needs an x-ray of one tooth, patients know they are getting the safest dental and medical technology available anywhere in the world today. Not only are the new digital x-ray sensors the safest globally, they now allow Dr. Hauser to detect decay much earlier than before.

Schick 33 digital xray sensors by Sirona

Earlier Decay Detection Saves Patients Money and Toothaches

Dr. Hauser considers patients part of his extended family. Investing in family means their health is better for years to come, and they will feel confident and secure bringing in family and referring friends. Peace of mind is priceless—and so are Dr. Hauser’s patients.

The new Schick 33 digital x ray sensors provide almost double the resolution of the former sensors. When a qualified and talented dentist has better equipment, patients will always benefit by saving money and their oral health.

Early detection and prevention is what a dentist thrives on for his patients, and the diagnostics available with the new sensors allows Lakefront Family Dentistry to customize x-rays for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and restorative procedures like dental implants.

Professional Installation and Support Means Up-to-Date Safety

Dr. Hauser uses CEREC technology from Sirona, and they install, service and maintain the new Schick 33 digital x ray sensors as well as his CEREC in-house lab. Knowing a reputable dental company like Sirona supports Lakefront Family Dentistry is peace of mind for his practice as well.

Very few dentists in the USA have the latest 3D panoramic machine and Schick 33 digital xray sensors that detect abnormal bites, gum disease, tooth decay and cavities and many other oral health issues earlier like the equipment at Lakefront Family Dentistry.

Dr. Hauser is Happy to Bring Higher Patient Safety and Early Detection Dental Equipment to his Private Practice. Call (951) 244-9495 Today and Take Advantage of the Latest Oral Health Practice in Riverside County for You and Your Family, or Make an Appointment Online.

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