We Work with a Variety of Dental Programs to Meet Patients’ Needs

Affordable payment options are available.

As the costs of dental care are continually rising throughout the country, it isn’t uncommon for people to struggle with being able to afford receiving treatment. At Lakefront Family Dentistry, we believe that patients shouldn’t have to choose between receiving a necessary procedure to improve their oral health or struggling to make ends meet. That’s why we work with a range of dental programs in order to make the costs of dental care more affordable.

Our practice accepts most non-managed care, PPO out-of-network, and indemnity dental programs. However, we do not accept HMO, managed care or Medi-Cal plans. If you are curious about whether or not we accept your dental insurance, give us a call at (951) 244-9495 and our friendly staff will research your coverage.

Lakefront Family Dentistry Dental Insurance

Don’t Have Dental Insurance? No Problem!

Having provided quality care and professional service to Riverside County, California, for nearly 20 years, Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, understands that there are a lot of patients who don’t have any dental insurance coverage at all due to the rising costs of living within the area. An inability to afford insurance coverage shouldn’t determine whether or not you or your loved ones can receive dental care when it is needed the most.

For patients that don’t have dental insurance coverage, we offer Care Credit and Springstone applications and also a cash discount on our dental services. Some patients also choose to apply for either of these to cover their annual out-of-pocket expenses. This provision is also extended to our patients that are covered by dental programs that we currently do not carry. Our hope is that this will make the costs associated with dental care at our dental practice more affordable for patients dealing with a variety of circumstances and financial commitments.

Flexible Healthcare Spending Account

Some company’s offer an annual Flexible Healthcare Spending Account, where employees contribute a certain amount each year, and it’s deducted from their paycheck each month. Also known as Flex Dollars, you can use this for medical expenses, daycare, and even dental care. Patients have to use this money before the end of the year, or they actually lose it. Many of Lakefront Family Dentistry’s patients put money in their Flex accounts to get bi-annual exams and professional teeth cleaning.

Some parents know their children or they might even want braces with invisalign. Using your Flexible Healtchare Spending Account means you can actually get braces and pay for them with no interest  over a period of one year. So plan accordingly and save money with Dr. Hauser using this type of savings. Patients without insurance are also offered a discount on selected services.

How We Handle Dental Insurance

Acknowledging these points, it is important to understand that all dental insurance companies vary in their approach to how claims are handled. Some programs handle insurance claims immediately while others may leave patients (and Lakefront Family Dentistry) waiting a few months before everything is finalized.

Since these periods can vary, our accounting staff processes all dental insurance paperwork as soon as the insurance carrier sends us their paperwork and financial commitment for the procedure. Not all insurance carriers have a set rate for services, so we have to wait for final documentation before we can send an invoice, should any additional fees be due by the patient.

Our staff can submit a pre-treatment estimate to an insurance company so that the patient knows what benefits and costs to expect. All pre-treatment estimates must be submitted to the insurance company in writing. The process takes 30-90 days, depending upon the insurance company and what procedures are being submitted on the claim. Once the pre-treatment estimate is obtained, it is still not a guarantee of payment to Lakefront Family Dentistry. This means there might be an additional payment due, based upon how the insurance company processes the final claim and what they pay to the dental practice.

Our Patient Coordinators can help you understand your insurance benefits, which can be confusing. They do their best to obtain detailed information, so we can be as accurate as possible in estimating your out-of-pocket costs. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee on an estimate, until the final claim has been processed and paid to our dental practice.

We don’t charge any hidden fees to try to build upon personal gain and any fees that are charged to the insured are only the typical, traditional costs associated with service. Patients are encouraged to contact us if they have any questions about the use of their insurance plan at our office for more information.

Lakefront Family Dentistry – Professional Dental Service You Can Trust

Don’t sacrifice your oral health or the strength of your teeth and gums in order to save money! Dr. Hauser and his registered dental staff are some of the most highly respected dentistry professionals in the Inland Empire. Known for providing affordable and impeccable quality service, Lakefront Family Dentistry has been taking care of local residents for years at a competitive rate.

Communication is key when it comes to making dental care affordable. Call us today at (951) 244-9495 and let us know if you have dental insurance coverage or need a dental care plan.

Dr. Hauser, the leading CEREC dentist in Riverside County, has a team that works with each and every patient on an individual basis to find a solution that will make any upcoming procedure or treatment cost efficient.

Dr. Hauser

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