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Why White Tooth Filling Is Better Than Amalgam

Anyone who has ever had an amalgam tooth filling will tell you that it is aesthetically unappealing. This will discolor in time and may turn an ugly black hue. Luckily, current dentist filling developments have provided dentists with better materials to fill cavities.

Dr. Hauser on Amalgam

Dr. Hauser prides himself in providing his patients with the best dental treatments available on the market today. That being said, he does not use amalgam in his clinic for a number of valid reasons. He feels that is would be unfair to offer patients this particular treatment when there are other better materials that will perform better over time.

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Dental Composite Material vs. Amalgam

While some outdated dental practitioners still advocate the use of dental amalgam, the newer breed of dentists will refuse to use this material in their practice. To start, it is aesthetically unappealing. Dr. Hauser believes that as a cosmetic restoration specialist, it is his duty to use materials that mimic natural teeth best. Therefore, amalgam is not easy on the eyes.

The new white tooth fillings come in a wide variety of shades. This makes it easier for the dental team to select the hue to match the dentition of each patient. Therefore, it can be used on visible surfaces of the teeth. It has been used to correct chips or cracks on anterior dentition because it is quite inconspicuous.

Amalgam can expand over time. This poses a risk to the restored tooth and those near it. If it were to increase in size, it could cause the fracture of the restored tooth and the ones next to it. This will require the patient to seek extra dental care, which would not have been necessary if a white tooth filling was used in the first place.

Dental amalgam restorations are not impermeable. In fact, studies show that teeth that have been restored with this filling material are prone to secondary caries. This occurs when the amalgam warps. This may happen at any point after the procedure.

Are Dental Composite Fillings Durable

Yes, white tooth fillings are made for different purposes. The variant used for filling a carious lesion is quite durable and will withstand wear and tear better than the outdated amalgam fillings. This is because each composite was engineered at a microscopic level to withstand the forces of mastication and to bond with the natural tooth structure.

This produces a sturdy bond that mimics natural tooth enamel, making the restoration last for a good number of years. However, one should note the importance of proper oral hygiene, despite the efficacy of the composite material.

No matter how good your dentist is at restorative dental treatments, the restoration will still fail in time if proper hygiene standards are not met. Therefore, Dr. Hauser says that he will do his part and the post-procedure care is up to you.

If you are in dire need of a newer dentist filling, it would be best to switch to composite resin this time, also known as a white tooth filling. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hauser today by going online or calling Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495.

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