Did You Know Only 7.5% of Dentists in the USA Use CEREC Technology?

Stop Waiting Weeks for Your New Crown and Veneers with CEREC

The days of waiting for a mold of your tooth or teeth to be sent out to a laboratory so they can make the right fit is a thing of the past—if you use CEREC doctors. Until the finished product comes back in a couple weeks, there is no guarantee the tooth or teeth will fit or match the current, surrounding tooth color.

CEREC doctors account for only 7.5% of advanced dental practices in the USA, which means it’s difficult to find a highly skilled dentist that can deliver perfect results in only one to two visits. Saving time and getting the best fit means days taken off work and sitting in traffic, as well as wearing a plastic partial that falls out while you speak or eat doesn’t have to happen again…ever.

Lakefront Family Dentistry and Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, has over 10 years of experience using CEREC technology with the latest lab and CEREC equipment at his private practice. An impression is made and teeth are made while you wait! Contact Us at (951) 244-9495 or Make an Appointment for a Consultation with Dr. Hauser Today.

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Match Surrounding Teeth Color with CEREC Technology

There are so many shades with the Sirona CEREC system, and advanced dental techniques to add color to the finished teeth, the final result is a flawless match of surrounding teeth. No one will ever notice a gap or black surrounding area on the gum line, where most dentists let air pockets get in between the natural tooth and old type of crown or veneer.

Don’t be embarrassed by worn out crows and veneers or erosion of the gum line. Dr. Hauser, a CEREC doctor, uses the latest technology with over a decade of experience to ensure flawless, fresh-looking, younger teeth that take years off your looks and smile!

How Much is CEREC?

Factor in the years an old crown or veneer lasts, then add many years to the stronger durability and lasting Sirona material and it saves you thousands in the long run. Not only will your teeth look and feel better with this amazing system that’s extremely comfortable to receive with Dr. Hauser, it saves significant financial resources because it lasts so much longer.

Look for a healthy oral solution to missing teeth that will cause bone loss of the jaw as you get older. Titanium dental implants with the highest and safest grade product have been placed by Lakefront Family Dentistry for many years. Once a dental exam and safer, digital x-rays are given, Dr. Hauser will be honest and let you know if it’s a good fit.

One Tooth, Two Teeth—a Full Mouth of CEREC

Patients can get just one CEREC crown, a whole row of CEREC veneers or even a full mouth of all CEREC crowns—and they have with Dr. Hauser. Make sure and look at the Before and After CEREC photos on our site to see the extremely satisfied patients at our private practice. Some have received 12 new crowns in just one visit!

Taking Care of New CEREC Crowns and Veneers

Patients should take great care of their oral health, whether it’s the teeth you were born with or new CEREC crowns and veneers. Brush and floss at least twice each day to maintain healthy gums and teeth. However, it is recommended brushing after sugary foods and drinks, as well as meals significantly stops decay of teeth. Even with CEREC, the secure bond between the natural tooth and CEREC tooth can decay if oral health is neglected.

So whether or not you have natural teeth or any type of dental work, make sure and brush the gum line, roof of your mouth, tongue and lower gum line. Flossing with a REACH Flosser takes 60 seconds, and brushing with a Sonicare toothbrush like the DiamondClean Dr. Hauser uses and sells at his office is a great device to keep periodontal and gum disease, as well as gum erosion at bay. Make sure and replace the Sonicare head when the blue stripe is worn down, so the best benefits of brushing are always in place.

CEREC Veneers on Uppers and Lowers
CEREC Veneers on Uppers and Lowers, and Full Mouth Teeth Whitening with Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry

Got Questions?

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