Get Dental Crowns in Just One Day

High-tech dentistry lets you give your smile a makeover within one day. Previously, the most popular dental treatments would take a week or longer.

Crown treatments, for example, required multiple visits. The dentist would first apply a temporary crown, and an off-site lab would manufacture the crown. Besides taking much longer, the temporary cap that patients wore before the final visit led to infections because bacteria could get under the cap. This is no longer an issue if you visit an experienced dentist like Dr. Hauser.

Dr. Derek Hauser of Lakefront Family Dentistry has more than two decades of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. He travels the country and instructs other dentists on the latest, most effective dental techniques.

Using CEREC technology, Dr. Hauser can complete veneer and crown treatments in one visit. This innovation helps patients reach their cosmetic goals without sacrificing time from work or other responsibilities. In addition, the speed with which the procedure is completed makes the patient feel more relaxed.

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CEREC Veneers on Uppers and Lowers
CEREC Veneers on Uppers and Lowers, and Full Mouth Teeth Whitening

Why Consult Lakefront Family Dentistry for CEREC Treatments

As USA Today explains in a recent article entitled “High Tech Teeth: Dentistry is Going Digital,” CEREC involves state-of-the-art computer technology. Lakefront Family Dentistry offers this high-tech option, and Dr. Hauser is one of the most respected CEREC dentists in the Inland Empire.

Dr. Hauser is a certified and extremely qualified CEREC dentist—one of only seven and a half percent of dentists in the country utilize this advanced, in-house system. The final results look and feel natural. They’re also durable and long-lasting.

Crowns are inserted the same day within a period of approximately two hours. While the method of using digital technology to make crowns has been used for a number of years, technological advancements have progressed to such an extent that the procedure is now far more accurate.

Aside from offering patients a much better experience, new techniques in dental crown work cost much the same as the old-fashioned method, and they also may be covered by dental insurance. Although the technology costs more for a same-day crown, there are no lab costs involved, and the dentist is able to produce a higher quality and more durable dental crown much quicker.

The procedure for having a CEREC crown fitted at Lakefront Family Dentistry involves having the tooth prepared by removing any decay and keeping as much of the existing tooth as possible. Dr. Hauser then sculpts a crown using the CEREC computer.

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