CEREC Dentistry: The One-Visit Wonder by Sirona

Get a Dazzling Smile with the Help Of CEREC Tooth Restoration

We live in a world where aesthetics plays a vital role. This is why more people are proactively seeking dental treatment for cosmetic reasons. The dental industry understands that for most patients, time is gold, which explains why the latest innovations focus on faster results.

What Is CEREC Dentistry?

In the past, one would have to wear temporary restorations while waiting for the laboratory to fabricate the permanent ones. While it may be fine for posterior teeth, most temporary restorations do not quite match the color of natural dentition, which can cause embarrassment for people who require treatments for their anterior teeth. Luckily, there is CEREC tooth restoration, which is a fast and efficient solution for your aesthetic concerns.

CEREC is short for Ceramic Reconstruction or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This is a method of restoration that uses CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). It was developed at the University of Zurich by W Mormann and M Brandestini in 1980. In 1985, the first applications were a success.

This technology allows dentists to create and insert ceramic restorations in one dental visit. This makes it more efficient, in comparison to those created by laboratory technicians, as you do not need multiple dental visits to resolve your problem.

CEREC Dentistry Procedure

To start, Dr. Hauser has to prepare the tooth for the restoration. Once this has been accomplished, digital impressions are taken. An intraoral camera is used to take a picture of the tooth to be restored, the antagonist teeth and the patient’s bite.

This allows the CEREC software to create a virtual model based on the pictures taken. All Dr. Hauser has to do is use the model to create a tooth restoration on the screen and send the data to the milling machine, which is a high-end CEREC machine that makes crowns and veneers in his office while you wait.

The CEREC tooth restoration is fabricated from a high-grade porcelain ceramic block, which is shaped by the milling machine using diamond-coated burs. Bursts of water are emitted to keep the temperature in check, as high heat can compromise the integrity of the restoration. This will take a maximum of 15 minutes for each tooth to be custom made.

Once that is done, Dr. Hauser can add extra details, which include painting, polishing and glazing to make it match the natural dentition. The restoration is then attached to the tooth using an adhesive solution.

Why Dentists Prefer CEREC to Laboratory Restorations

CEREC Dentistry is preferred by dental practitioners and patents for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of using this CAD/CAM technology:


Crowns that are constructed by hand are usually prone to premature contact. This is why most dentists prefer CEREC crowns. Since a machine does all the work, one can expect precision and detail that cannot be matched by manually crafted restorations.


The CEREC tooth restoration process would normally take a day to a week if one depended on a technician. CEREC crown restorations are ready in just 6 to 15 minutes. Please note that if the dentist does not have a milling machine in his or her office, you may have to come back for the permanent restoration. However, Dr. Hauser has all the CEREC equipment in his office.


CEREC restorations are able to stand the test of time. Studies show that they will last for 15 to 18 years or longer.

No Metal Is Used

Some people are allergic to metal. This can cause bleeding or inflamed gums, along with discomfort. CEREC technology allows dentists to create all-ceramic restorations that will not irritate sensitive oral tissues.

CEREC dentistry makes complex dental procedures easier for both dentists and patients alike. Dr. Hauser has a CEREC milling machine in his office. Therefore, his patients do not have to wait for a second visit for their permanent restorations. If you want to know more about CEREC technology and how it can change your smile, please call (951) 244-9495 or fill out the appt form below.

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