Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Gum Disease

Start Brushing and Flossing How does a man keep his significant other happy? Scientific studies show he should start with brushing his teeth and flossing regularly. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who suffer from ED are three times more likely to exhibit gum disease, in comparison to men who don’t have ED. The Erectile Dysfunction Study Results Dr. Hauser came across a study regarding the link between erectile dysfunction and poor oral … Read more

3D CT Scan: Changing The Dentist Industry

How CT Scans Make Diagnosis Easier In the past, digital x-rays were thought to be the hippest thing in the dental practice. Only a few dentists could boast about this “new-fangled” technology. However, the 3D CT scan is now replacing 2D technology, as it provides a clearer and better look of the oral cavity. Dr. Hauser Ups the Ante Dr. Hauser’s practice continually focuses on evolving technology. This is to ensure the safety and comfort … Read more

Being a Kid-Friendly Dentist is Important

The Dentist is Your Friend Dr. Hauser Talks about Preventing Dentophobia Most of us are unaware that many early childhood traumas influence who we become as adults. Needless to say, this is something that applies to dentistry and how a person reacts to even the thought of dental treatment.  This is otherwise known as dentophobia and is one of the most common phobias of children and adults at present. Dr. Hauser: Inland Empire’s Favorite Children’s Dentist! Being … Read more

Bad Breath: Possibly an Early Sign of Dental Infection

Don’t Ignore That Bad Taste in Your Mouth We live in a society where sight, taste and smell are critical for day-to-day activities. This could be one reason why the cosmetic surgery, gourmet cuisine and perfume industries do very well. In the field of dentistry, implants, tooth whitening and veneers also center stage. However, while they address the cosmetic aspect that helps build self-esteem, we also have to consider methods of fighting bad breath—and the … Read more

Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Custom Night Guard

They Keep Your Teeth and Jaw Safe, Too. We live in a fast-paced world. If one were to compare school and careers of people in the old days to what we face now, one would realize that life then was so much easier. This is why stress has become a commonplace condition in people of all ages and walks of life. Luckily, night guards were invented to help save your health. Stress and Dentistry Stress … Read more

Meet Lakefront Family Dentistry’s Therapy Dog

Let Stella Help You Get Over Your Dental Fears Phobias are part of the human experience. Each person has something they would wish to avoid as much as possible. Sadly, many people are afraid of dental treatment. This may be due to a dental trauma during childhood or just a fear of the unknown. Dr. Hauser understands these fears and has a very special girl he’d like everyone to meet, and her name is Stella. … Read more


Dr. Hauser: Night Guard Teeth Grinding Expert Most of us falter under loads of stress on a daily basis. There are a million things we worry about–bills, school, work, relationships and everything else in between. This can lead to a nasty habit called Bruxism, which will require therapy to correct. Luckily, there are custom night guards to keep our teeth safe at night despite the daily stress we go through. Bruxism Explained Otherwise called teeth … Read more


Invisalign Remains the Best Braces for Adults Malocclusion is a dental problem that affects many people regardless of age, ethnicity and gender. Crooked teeth are not appealing and they may also lead to various health concerns, especially as we age. This condition is ideally corrected at a younger age. However, adult braces are also available for the older individual who desires straighter teeth. Is It Too Late For Adults? What happens when people wait till … Read more

The Best Ways to Straighten Teeth

Straighten Teeth for a Healthier Mouth In some parts of the world, people prefer crooked bites because it is supposed to make one look younger and innocent. While we in no way undermine their aesthetic preferences, they should know that malocclusion can lead to other problems. Luckily, there are many ways to straighten teeth when they come to their senses. Doctor Hauser‘s Preferred Ways To Straighten Teeth Dr. Hauser is the Inland Empire’s most preferred … Read more


Why Dr. Hauser Is the Top-Rated Family Dentist Most of us dread the trip to the dentist not because we fear discomfort or have deep-seated phobias, but because we worry about having to visit different specialists for various oral treatments. This is why it would be best to shift to a provider who can provide all the needed dental services. Dr. Hauser: General and Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Hauser is a family dentist with more than … Read more