How We Sterilize Our Instruments

Dr. Hauser Takes Sterilization Seriously

Sterilization is one of the key factors that determines the safety of the patients and success of a practice. With all the microorganisms in today’s environment, a dentist should always set aside enough funds to invest in proper sterilization equipment.

Lakefront Family Dentistry is a private practice run by one of the most respected dentists in the Inland Empire. Dr. Hauser takes sterilization very seriously and invests in equipment that meets extremely high standards.

Microorganisms Are the Enemy

Our oral cavity is home to many different types of bacteria. While they may seem harmless to most people, a great dentist knows they can pose a threat once they enter the bloodstream. This applies to dental procedures that are minimally invasive to invasive. Dr. Hauser always upgrades his equipment regularly, making an effort to procure the most effective models available.

Midmark 11 Autoclave Sterilizer
Midmark 11 Autoclave Sterilizer

What His Private Practice Uses for Dental Equipment Sterilization

While most dentists will try to find the cheapest sterilization models, Dr. Hauser always purchases the top sterilization equipment. This provides him and his patients with peace of mind. He is proud to say he has his very own sterilization room. He also has two hospital-grade units, a MidMark M11 Ultraclave and a Statim 5000 sterilizer.

The MidMark M11 Ultraclave is an automatic sterilizer. It provides the staff with a more efficient way to process instruments, which is done every single day. They can easily choose what cycle to use for handpieces, instrument pouches and various unwrapped items. Dr. Hauser prefers this model over others, since it performs well, dries instruments faster, and meets ASME requirements.

The Statim 5000 is a cassette sterilizer that provides fast-wrapped or unwrapped cycles. It boasts 15-minute Dri-Tec technology. It can sterilize equipment faster than many other models and is equipped with 4, fully automated sterilization programs.

Statim 5000 Sterilizer
Statim 5000 Sterilizer

Spore Checks

Spore tests are a great way to see if an autoclave is working properly. This is done by putting a pack of live spores in the unit. This should be sent out to a laboratory, where they will attempt to incubate it. If anything is still viable, the autoclave is not doing its job or the staff may not know how to use the unit properly.

Dr. Hauser takes great lengths to ensure patient safety. He implements rigid spore tests. This involves sending a sample out to an independent company for testing.

Please note this is something most dentists might not even offer. However, Dr. Hauser is not your ordinary general and cosmetic dentist specialist. He takes great care ensuring his private practice sets the standard for dental care in Riverside County, CA. This has earned him the respect of his peers and patients.

Your health is important to Dr. Hauser and his staff. To schedule an appointment, you can call the office at (951) 244-9495 or book an appointment online any time or day of the week below.

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